119th Anniversary of the First Documented Ice Cream Sundae

I love it when Google changes their logos to commemorate certain days, 
and I was so surprised to see this super cute google logo today! 

I'm craving one right now. ♥



  1. OMG, I just tweeted this yesterday! I thought I was the only one who looks forward to seeing what "Google" has instore for their front pages. Sure beats those 5 regular colors they have, eh. I've made Google my frontpage. It is too CUTE.

    tuesdai(at)designsbytuesdai (dot) com

  2. when i saw that google banner i felt like i needed an ice cream sundae too :D

  3. I loved that Google banner too!

  4. I know what you mean, got to be the cutest Google sign yet


  5. I lllooooved this when I saw it too, It is so retro and cute! Thanks Google ;)! and thanks for your great blog, new to blogland here, 2 aussie BFF's just started out blog and looking forward to reading more of yours!! Been a lurker for a while time to comment :)!
    Angel and Jahv xoxo


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