Hello everyone! I just got back from watching the new action movie Thor, which I must say I really enjoyed! It was a no-brainer, sit back, relax and enjoy type of movie, which I really appreciate at the moment. I love how it was quite wholesome too, that I believe that some older children may also enjoy it.

Anyway, I was just browsing online when I found this pretty good online exclusive deal at Bobbi Brown UK:

Until 26 May 2011, they will give you a Rich Lip Color Trio and a Vitamin Enriched Face Base Deluxe Sample for orders over £50. The also have Free Delivery on all orders over £35.

I personally have nothing on my list to get from Bobbi Brown, but for some of you there who are lemming a few things, these freebies may help in your purchasing decisions! :)

I have a few things I am loving at the moment, namely the Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmer Brick, Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colors, and my concealer Bobbi Brown Corrector. I recommend them and I think they may be worth looking into.

You can visit the site here: Bobbi Brown UK.

Sorry to those of you outside the UK, this offer is for the UK only! :)



Bobbi Brown Online Exclusive - What a Sweet Deal!


I'm so happy I was finally able to get a hold of this kit. It's Sigma's Make Me Blush brush kit. It contains eye and face brushes, with coral-pink handles. You can check this out at SigmaBeauty.com. It's so cute! I love it! Keep reading for my review & pictures! ♥









The writing on the brushes are a holographic silver, this is the closest I could get to capture it!

As usual, these brushes from Sigma are very good quality, similar to that of MAC brushes. Compared to their corresponding regular Sigma brushes and matching MAC brushes, these feel a bit lighter too.

The brushes I would often use from this kit are the Foundation Brush F60 for liquid foundation, Duo Fibre F50 for powder to set foundation, Large Shader E60 to apply eye primer, Pencil E30 for the eyeshadow crease, and Eye Shading E55 for the lid and lower lash line. The others I probably would not use as often. I wish this kit came with a brush like the MAC 109 and a large tapered brush like the MAC 138, which I religiously use for blush and contour respectively! If that were the case, this would be my dream kit!

What do you think of this brush kit? ♥

For more information and to purchase this kit, check it out at SigmaBeauty.com.

Disclaimer: Products in this post were provided by PR. This post was written based on my honest opinions as always.


Sigma Make Me Blush Coral Brush Kit Love


I've been loving these three recently. They are Rimmel Sun Queen lip gloss, Revlon Coral Reef lip gloss and Topshop Ohh La la lipstick. Keep reading for my review! ♥


Some Lip Products I've Been Loving Recently!


This review will be on MeMeMe Blush Me! blushes in Coral and Rouge.

The packaging closely resembles Benefit boxed packages, although these MeMeMe ones are slightly bulkier. I don't know whether they contain more product or not as I can't find the product weight on the packaging. Here they are next to Benefit Coralista:


MeMeMe Blushes in Coral and Rouge, and Benefit Coralista ♥

Just a random photo. From original.dailycute.net xD

Hello everyone! I've begun to realise how cluttered my old layout was, so I modified it to be a bit 'less cluttered'. I'm no HTML expert, so I am still working on deciphering codes etc, so I will be modifying it as I go along. What do you think?

If you can remember my old layout, please let me know if you prefer this new layout or the older one! It would be so helpful to me.

Thank you! ♥



New Layout! I need your thoughts! :)

I got these lipsticks a few weeks ago, and I love them. I got the Bobbi Brown rich lip colours in Bikini Pink and Soft Coral. The formula is amazing, so rich, creamy and pigmented, but not heavy at all. They feel like MAC Amplified Creams. These are gorgeous lipsticks, and if you haven't yet, you should definitely give one a try! They can be purchased here: Bobbi Brown.


My New Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour Lipsticks ! ♥

This post is actually to persuade myself that I don't need to purchase any more of the lipsticks from the MAC Quite Cute collection (namely Candy Yum Yum). You can probably tell that I'm trying very hard not too, lol! To quote my boyfriend, 'You don't need to buy any more lipsticks, you already have all the colours. Don't be too greedy!' ...though it may sound a bit harsh, he does have a point I am being a bit greedy haha!. I had a mental rummage of my collection, and picked out these lippies. I thought they were similar enough based on online swatches. I hope this persuades you not to buy the new lipsticks -if you were thinking about them, and if you have these lipsticks (or anything similar) in your stash!


MAC Quite Cute Lipstick Dupes


Hi everyone, I'm happy to share with you these three products that I have recently discovered, but have been using them over and over! I just love them! They are Lush Sugar Scrub in Sweet Lips, Classic Carmex lip balm, and Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo. Keep reading for my reviews!


My 3 Latest Addictions


This look was inspired by the Bubble Tea face chart from the MAC Quite Cute collection. I love this combination of colourful eyes and a nude lip. In this look, I used eyeshadows from my Sleek Original palette (which I rarely ever use), the Sleek Paraguaya palette (my favourite!) and the Too Faced Romantic eye palette - I'm quite proud of being able to use different palettes, instead of just using my MAC eyeshadows. Hope you like it!


LOOK: Sweet Candy - Coral Purple Eyes and Nude Lips

This post is dedicated to my beautiful & talented sister, Shannon.

On September 2010, my sister had her Sweet Sixteenth birthday celebration, themed Alice in Wonderland! It was a pretty big party with over a hundred guests. My entire family dressed up in costumes for the occasion, I was the Red Queen - I designed my own costume, hence its unlike any of the 'Red Queen/Queen of Hearts' costumes out there. I did my own makeup, as well as my sister's makeup - by her request! I was a bit proud that she chose me to do her makeup instead of the salon's makeup artist. Haha. This post has the makeup looks I did for us both, as well as about her big night. Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures~ ! ♥


My Sister's Sweet Sixteen: Through the Looking Glass ♥


I was kindly sent this lipgloss for review. It is No7 lipgloss in Confidence from the new Poppy King range.


No7 Poppy King Lipgloss in Confidence


This is a review on products I got from RMK Cosmetics from the NBBE National Beauty Blogger Event. ♥
Honestly, I wasn't at all familiar with the brand, but I did recognise the name and packaging from Japanese magazines. Now after trying the products, I'm happy to say I love it! Here I am reviewing their Liquid Foundation, a Lip Crayon, Ingenious Powder Eyes eyeshadow and Creamy Polished Makeup Base.


RMK Cosmetics Review & Swatches ♥


Here's a look I did a few weeks ago using the gorgeous Sleek Paraguaya Palette. It's seriously one of my favourite any-brand palettes to date! Click here to read my post on it. I love how corals look on my skin, I hope you like this look too ♥


LOOK: Smokey Corals with Sleek Paraguaya Palette


MAC Quite Cute Collection Face Charts. Soo cute! Enjoy!


MAC Quite Cute Face Charts ♥


MAC Play Time Lipstick
Cremesheen finish
Limited Edition
MAC Quite Cute Collection


I love this lipstick! Its a pinky purple with the creamy glossy cremesheen finish. ♥

What do you think?? ♥



Lip Swatch: MAC Play Time Lipstick


Hi everyone! This look was inspired by MAC's Quite Cute collection. Its a collection of pastels bordering on purples. I used the Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette, as well as MAC Sakura blush and MAC Play Time lipstick from the Quite Cute collection. I hope you like it! ♥


LOOK: Purples with MAC Quite Cute ♥


The MAC Quite Cute Collection launched in the UK MAC stores today, and I was able to check them it out. From this collection I got 2 out of the 3 blushes, 1 lipstick, and I already had 2 of the lip liners they repromoted. Keep reading for my review & swatches, ENJOY! ♥


MAC Quite Cute Collection Haul, Review and Swatches !! ♥

Hi everyone! Yesterday I attended a wonderful bloggers/vloggers event hosted by Sleek Makeup! I will write about the event in a separate post, but I'm just so excited to share with you products from the upcoming Sleek Mediterranean Collection! It's a lot more colourful than the very pretty and peachy Sleek Avoir La Peach collection. It consists of a colourful cool-toned eyeshadow palette Monaco, a hot fuchsia blush Santorini and a sheer hot pink tinted lip conditioner Monte Carlo. This collection is utterly gorgeous! Keep reading for my review and swatches!


Sleek Mediterranean Collection Review & Swatches ! ♥

I love it when Google changes their logos to commemorate certain days, 
and I was so surprised to see this super cute google logo today! 

I'm craving one right now. ♥


119th Anniversary of the First Documented Ice Cream Sundae

Hello everyone! After using Random.org and numbering all your comments, we've found a winner!

The winner of Princesa Livia's Sigma Giveaway is

please reply to my email ASAP so Sigma can send you your new brushes! :)


And thank you everyone for joining this giveaway! I hope to host another one sometime soon. Don't forget to 'follow' so you can find out when I do post my next giveaway and have a chance to win some goodies! :)



Princesa Livia's Sigma Giveaway Winner!

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