LOOK: Clinique Pretty in Prints Collection & Mascara Review: No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara!


I managed to pick up the Clinique Pretty in Prints collection, which I will blog about soon, and here's a Clinique look I've come up with using the palette! I think I'm being more adventurous with the different makeup brands now. MAC is just getting a bit boring you know? I'm thinking of actually skipping the Wonder Woman collection which is due out next month, but its just the packaging that's luring me in.

In this post I am also reviewing the new No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara that is currently already available in your local Boots! I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE, read on for the review!

Well I hope you enjoy this post! ♥

I used:

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot (base all over lid)
Clinique Pretty in Prints Compact: Printed Prints eyeshadow quad: Matte dark reddish brown (crease), Golden Peach (lid), Matte Vanilla (brow bone)
MAC Brown, Now Greasepaint Stick (reddish brown) on upper lash line
MAC Lingering brow pencil
L'oreal Double Lash Extension Mascara with Serum Inside (serum only)
No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC25
Benefit Hoola bronzer (contour)
Clinique Precious Posy blush (shimmery golden peach)
MAC Pearl cream colour base (highlight)

Clinique 03 Mango Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss






I really love peach colours as makeup. I hope you liked this too. What do you think?? ♥

Now I'd like to review No7's New Exquisite Curl Mascara.


To be honest, I quite like this one. The bristles are short and stubby and arranged in a curved shape. This makes it easy to use on short lashes (fab for the lower lash lines!) and also lessens the chances of painting your eyelids too. The short bristles also let me apply the mascara to the lashes on the corners of my eyes which I find difficult with normal wands!

It claims to provide Beautiful Curve and Volume, but alone, I feel like it provides volume and a lot of length too!. I hardly wear mascara without curling beforehand, as my lashes are quite straight and I feel that no mascara wand alone would curl them, and this is no exception though.


I always use the serum part of the L'oreal Double Extension mascara and I find that this No7 mascara works well with it (I used this combo in the Clinique look above!!). Only qualm is that it takes longer for this mascara to cover the white primer compared to my usual Maybelline Colossal Volume as the bristles are definitely shorter on this one! It is also not quite as black as Colossal Volume, but its not grey either.

Overall, I recommend this mascara for its ease of application. It also gives some oomph to lashes, but not overly so. It would be great on the go and for on the bus/tube applications! ♥

What do you think? Will you try this mascara? ♥

*Disclaimer: The No7 Mascara above was provided by PR  for consideration to review. As always, my review is my honest opinion!


  1. I'll definitely try the mascara!


  2. i completely agree about your sentiments towards MAC these days and wanting to try new brands - MAC has released so many collections in the past few months, can't keep up anymore and they don't feel as 'special' bc MAC releases so many! to fill my non-MAC makeup fix, i've been picking up a lot asian cosmetics, canmake, melliesh and have been VERY IMPRESSED! can't wait to see your clinique review x

  3. The mascara seems to work wonder on u... :)


  4. OH WOW YOU HAVE SUCH LONG LASHES! O_O" holy moly.. They're like miiiiiles long. Haha : D You're so lucky!

    The mascara looks pretty nice! Do you feel that it holds a curl well?

  5. @Linda- I hope you'll like this mascara too! X

    @faye - id love to try canmake, I just wish I could get a hold of them. I've heard about their blushes!

  6. @winwin- you should try this mascara if you come across it! X

    @Katharina- thanks hun x

  7. @나니- Thanks babe. About the mascara, it doesn't curl *my* lashes, but I do think it holds a curl well. :) x


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