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Eureka! I've finally found my fashion inspiration for this season. My seasonal fashion inspirations or themes are not something I can consciously decide, but rather its a 'gut-feeling' that I suddenly get. Last winter it was nudes, grey-purples, and Greiges (greys and beiges). I have been waiting for this feeling for a few weeks now, and I've realised that for the next few months, my fashion theme will be the red-white-and-blue: Naughty Nauticals!

Its funny how trends seem to re-appear over and over. I remember it was May a couple of years ago when MAC released its Naughty Nauticals collection when the Nautical theme was very popular, and now it seems to be back again (at least for me)! On a side note, the Naughty Nauticals Collection was a beautiful collection. I hope they repromote some of the products!

I just got these beautiful pieces from Primark - ah how I just love that shop! ♥


Navy Blue Cardigan £10 - This fits me perfectly! Its long enough to cover my hips. I love the gold accents on the buttons, as well as the fact that I can roll my sleeves up to 3/4s. The cloth is so soft too.


White A-line Top with Breast Pocket £4. I think this was meant to be a top, but because I'm quite petite, it fits me like a dress. I love the A-line shape -so classic! I plan to wear this with a skinny belt, but it also looks great without one. :)


Red Tank Top £2. I love tank tops - I must have at least 15 of them (in different colours of course). I just love how they fit my body, and this one is no exception. When I saw this colour, I immediately wanted to have it. Its not like those typical reds, this one is more of a hot red-orange! ♥


Seahorse Brooch £1.50. I saw this on a black leather jacket worn by a mannequin, and I was immediately intrigued. I have never seen a Seahorse brooch before, and this one was pretty cute. For the cheap price, I definitely wanted it!

And this last one doesn't really fit the theme, but it was too cute, I could not resist:


Owl Pendant. Just too cute for words!

...Now all I need is the perfect scarf to match my navy themed items. I hope to find it soon! :)

What do you think? ♥
And.. Do you have a personal trend you're sporting this month? Please Share!



  1. really cute i got a cardigan on sale at primark once it was white with red stripes and anchors in the buttons but the sleeves started unraveling after like 2 days :(.

    chekout my giveaway:

  2. @Alex- :( That's a shame. After years of shopping primark, I have not experienced any unravelling/easy breakage of their products! I always make sure to check for any defects before buying products coz items may be predisposed to getting ruined quickly. I also make sure to wash and care for these properly.

  3. The owl pendant is freaking ADORABLE! <3 Love it!
    I'm not really a fashion girl.. However, I'm fashionable enough to be aware that my own sense of style is non-existent. xD

  4. I love a bit of a Primark splurge! I especially like the seahorse brooch.
    Zoe x
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  5. I love nautical jewelry and clothes! I make bracelets with nautical charms; I think they look classic and luxurious.

    That seahorse brooch is very cute!


  6. I've always love nautical fashion.. Even though I may look like a sailor, I don't care! I find something sexy about them. ;) Hehe!


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