I ♥ Kiehl's Lip Balm! + Versatile Blogger Award: List of my Favourite Food ♥


I L♥ Kiehl's #1 lip balm. They are colourless with the perfect consistency - not sticky, not too runny. It feels really moisturising on your lips with long-lasting effects, leaves a lovely lip-glossy sheen, and comes in a variety of really yummy scents! I have Cranberry, Mint, Pear and the Original (unscented one). My favourite is Cranberry, followed closely by Mint. I love it, my cousins love it, and heck even my guy friends love it too! (they also love amusing themselves by the lip glossy look lol).

The only thing I don't like about it is that its in a squeezy tube that I'd have to use my fingers to apply. I'm a bit iffy (?OCD) about getting my hands physically dirty, so sometimes it just bugs me that I have to use them to apply this balm. But its not sticky anyway, so it wouldn't bother me as much as other things.

What's your favourite lip balm? And have you tried Kiehl's? ♥

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On another note, two beautiful bloggers, Katrina and Hollie, awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks girls! ♥

The rules for these awards are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award(s).

I've done other tags like this before, you can read them here. Since I'm hungry as I write this, I'll choose mention 7 of my favourite foods and drinks. These favourites are from different cuisines. If you have the chance, I highly suggest you try each out! :)

1. I ♥ Jollibee's Peach Mango Pie. Jollibee is a Filipino Fast Food Joint, kinda like McDonald's, but Filipino. It used to be a National joint, but now they have branches in the States (esp in California)! If you ever come across this food joint, you MUST try this. Warm and sweet peach mango inside a crispy outer crust. Yum.

2. I ♥ Frozen Margaritas. Chilled tangy lime with the bitterness of Tequila, and salt on top. Tasty! I have fond memories of this. Chilling on the beach with my mum, and eating...

3. I ♥ Lemon Garlic Butter Lobster! I know some people are disgusted by the sight seafood, but I LOOVE seafood. Though I'm allergic to crustaceans, they are my favourite food. (I just take prophylactic Antihistamine tablets 30mins before eating :) )

4. I ♥ Nasu Dengaku. If you ever see this appetiser on a menu of a Japanese Restaurant, do NOT pass it up. It may not look like much, but its a gorgeous super yummy dish! Its a sweet miso aubergine dish with a soft and super tasty inside and crispy skin. So delicious. I've been making this at home, thanks to a recipe I found here!

5. I ♥ Strawberry Shortcakes. Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits and that combined with sweet sponge cake and cream = ahh heaven!!

6. I ♥ Green Tea Lattes. Especially the ones from Tombo, South Kensington. Yum.

7. I ♥ Rice. I am your typical Oriental Asian rice bunny. If asked what I want for dinner, I'd say 'rice' - but obviously not by itself. As long as its a rice dish, I'm sure to be satisfied. :)

So those are 7 things about me (my favourite foods). And now, I award the following bloggers!

1. Tina
2. Mariza
3. Liana
4. Marie
5. Laura
6. Line Moerch
7. Shayla
8. Meibelle
9. Jasmine
10. Wendy B
11. Annettee
12. Julie
13. Sammiebbz *
14. Vicky
15. Louise

I'd love to hear 7 facts about you all! Let's get to know each other more

*Images of food are from Google*



  1. Hello lovely,

    thanks so much for your beeing your versatile blooger ! thanks really so much for this award....i´m so happy...that makes me happy....thankssssssssssssss so mich :)))))

    wish you a great time!

    with love


  2. aww thanks for tagging me! i really do appericate it :) and lol i glad somebooady like my blog :D and your food looks nom! xxx

  3. The jollibee's Peach & Mango pie sounds delish!! XD My sister in law is filipino =P I may have to hide in her suitcase the next time she goes haha ;D xx

  4. That strawberry shortcake looks gorgeous!

  5. LoL! I actually nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award yesterday!! Thank you for the nomination Livia!

    Btw I love Kiehl's Pear Lip balm, it smells delicious!

    I think if we were to ever meet we would get along fine food wise too! <3

  6. Omg thank you so much! You're a doll <3 :'D Oh.. and u can always just call me Nani. Haha! Everybody does that anyway ; D Thanks for the award! <3

  7. I like your blog!!!

    Come on http://selenia-levolchanel.blogspot.com

    Kiss Selenia

  8. Thanks for the award hun!!! :D Great post ♥

  9. *drools* the lemon garlic butter lobster looks amazingly yummy <3 however i think the green lattes have become my new obsession thanks to you! The heart in the latte looks so charming its such a shame you have to drink it! Thats how i feel when i drink one lattes with creme hearts and leafy designs on them T_T

  10. awww... thank you so much Livia!! I appreciate it so much!! =)... I now have two that I have to do... hahaha.... I've been laggin on my blog a lot lately... hopefully I could get to it soon....

    all those things look yummehhhh!!! but I must say PEACH MANGO PIE IS THE BOMB!!!!! I love love love Peach Mango Pie, I think I can eat five of those [if not more] a day... too bad or should I say thank G the closest Jollibee to me is about 3 hours away... LOL

    anyhoo... thanks again for the award!! =)

  11. Oo I need to look into these lip balms, love the packaging :)

    Thank you for the award!
    I'm going to post my seven facts here :)
    I have food on my mind now, so it might be food filled :P

    1. When I'm in Starbucks I usually order a tall peppermint mocha.
    2. I'm a Blackberry user :P
    3. I'm addicted to twitter atm haha.
    4. I love Sushi.
    5. Kpop ♥
    6. My addiction to make-up is all influence by lovely bloggers like yourself xD
    6. I want to live overseas for a few months :)


  12. Oh did I miss no.7? If not an extra then ^^
    7. My make-up collection consists mostly of lip and cheek products :D xx

  13. LOL! I suddenly had the urge to eat Jollibee's Peach Mango Pie-it's one of those food that I take for granted- gonna eat one tomorrow and relish every bite.

  14. Hi!:D Thanks for tagging me, Livia!

    I love Peach Mango Pie too, I am so glad I live in Los Angeles!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. And btw, I don't really have a favorite lip balm but I use Carmex, EOS, & Fresh Sugar.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  16. I have a Kihel's lipbalm in coconut and while I normally don't I likecoconut, I love the smell, so yummy! I also like the consistency, it reminds me of Vaseline. But I agree that having to use your fingers is a little unhygienical, especially for the price z=

  17. Too good the strawberry shortcakes.

  18. awrr thanks for the award!! I'll do the tag as soon as I can! :D x

  19. I haven't tried kiehl's lipbalm but I want to try the lipbalm. I use the lush lipbalms :-)

  20. Thank you so much for choosing me! <3 I'll definitely do it this week! I really appreciate it, especially considering how many great bloggers there are out there to choose from. Thanks again!

  21. The cake looks delicious! YUM!


  22. omg i love your blog !!!! ♥

  23. i haven't tried the Kiehl's lipbalm yet but my fave lipbalm is blistex lip ointment. It's really awesome!

    btw i just found your blog and im your new follower ^-^

  24. Definitely going to get involved with flavoured Kiehls - love the original, so this is even better!


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