One of my readers recently purchased a few items from my blog sale and deliberately chose the Standard Delivery option, which I explicitly stated that I would not be responsible if her items are lost/damaged in the post.  I sent out her package as soon as I possibly could. A few weeks later, she still hasn't received the items and started blaming me.

I apologised for the situation, offered to send her a copy of my receipt, and I repeated that as part of the agreement I cannot be held responsible for her choice of delivery. I offered to pay part of it back, and she didn't reply.

Later on I received a notice from Paypal that she completely reversed the transaction without letting me know. All of £18.

And now I'm stuck with a negative balance on my Paypal account, and lost my items too.

Then I realised, since delivery was not recorded at all, it is also possible that she may have received the items, and still reversed the payment. There's no way to tell really.

I guess I've learned a few lessons, and I hope this helps anyone planning on selling items too.

1. People can be unfair. And there can be some dishonest people in this world.
2. Don't sell items.
3. If you do, always send items with Recorded Delivery.
4. Protect yourself from transaction reversals with Paypal.

*5. I'm grateful to my previous buyers, who have been so honest. Thanks guys.

But I'm still a bit shocked by what happened. I was going to add a lot more Limited Edition items as I've recently sorted out my collection, but I guess.. My Blog Sale is Paused. For Now.



  1. That's awful, especially when you had the receipt and everything. Surely paypal should need justification before reversing a payment. Hope you're not feeling too bad about the whole thing:-(

  2. that really sucks a few times when ive ordered stuff on ebay I waited like a month and a half and didnt recieve anything would complain theyd send it again id receive it within a few weeks and a few weeks later recieve another package got two for the price of one!

  3. @Lilllisal- Well I guess not. Its my fault for not choosing to be protected too, obviously that comes with a price. :(

  4. @Alex- Yeah, that happens. I'm pretty sure this girl will receive her package within the next few days/weeks as they always arrive at their destinations somehow. Then she'll have the new stuff + her money back.

    I'm just so happy that my previous buyers are honest and not as cruel as this one.

  5. I've had something very similar happen to me and the girl got really nasty, demanding her money back (all of £6) and spamming all my YT videos and writing nasty public comments on my blog, despite me sending her package and also her taking responsibility for it etc.
    It really has put me off doing sales now and it's such a shame that one person can crush your selling confidense like that.


  6. @Sprinkleofglitter- I'm sorry you had to experience something similar too. It really is a shame. :( Even though it wasn't nice, at least it was under £10; she took back all of £18. :(

  7. thtas not good Im sorry to hear that! :(

  8. I had the same happen to me a couple of weeks ago on ebay. I sold a limited edition product for almost £30 and lost both due to the buyer not receiving the package.

    No matter what, paypal will always sway to the buyer's side, unless you send by recorded. However it can be really expensive if it's heavy or sent overseas. And with high p&p you can get bad feedback or a no sale. It's like the seller never wins really :(

    Sorry ranting ^^


  9. @liquoredonlacquer - Thanks hun. :(

    @Vanity-Fashionista - Oh my, thats a lot worse than what happened to me. I'm so sorry this had to happen to you too :( Its a gamble really. Just a shame that this happens to us :(

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Somehow its helping me cope.

  10. Wow, I didn't know reversing payment was an option. I knew I could request it (like sending an invoice), but had no idea I could take it. That really sucks.

    I'm sorry you ran into that type of person.

  11. I just learned something else about paypal--your contact e-mail isn't the one you use for transactions. Being an acountant, the thought of a negative balance bothered me, but I wasn't able to fix it. I'll never get to sleep tonight knowing it's out there! =)

  12. argh what a cow! name and shame the bitch! i know i blooady would,theres noway i'd let her *win*. really sorry what had happen to you its awful how people can be so dishonest! xxxx

  13. yeah, those kind of people do exist... but just remember, karma will bite that person in the bootie!! it just sucks that she didn't even notify you of having PayPal reverse her payment... I'm sorry u had to go through that... I hope u can settle it with PayPal somehow.... & btw, I wish your blog sales are international too... are they??? I really hope so coz I love your stuff... =) anyhoo, goodluck with your future sales, I hope that doesn't happen to u anymore...

  14. That's absolutely horrid. It only takes one to spoil the experience and better to get it done and over with. Now you can move on and know what not to do in the future! Shame on that person!

  15. I'm sorry this happened to you :(
    Especially if you told beforehand that he should have opted for a different kind of delivery.

    I've had ome times that some stuff didnt get to my house...once we even got conned! Luckely for us it was never for a big amount, and if it is I always make sure to use a more expensive way of shipping.

    I can understand that you are thinking she cheated you, but maybe the postal office cheated the both of you, those things happen a lot. Package just get stolen for some reason, you cant trust anyone these days. :S
    BUT, even if she didnt get the stuffies, she did pick that way of shipping...so its her own responsibility, maybe she'll learn from it.

    If you ever want to do a blogsale agin, just make sure that you only use a way of shipping YOU are comfortable with. If ppl think thats too expensive, then thats their loss. :)

  16. Hi,
    I gave you an award! :)

    kat :3

  17. I can't believe she would do that. What an idiot! Ò_ó That's so mean!

    I didn't even know that you COULD reverse transactions.. O_O oh well

  18. Thanks for all your support guys. It really is a shame that this happened :( I'm still sad about the situation, but your wonderful supportive comments are definitely helping me move on. So thank you so much. =)

    @나니- I can't believe it either. It is quite unfair as I stated beforehand that with Standard Shipping, its no longer my responsibility. And I didn't know you could reverse transactions too. She must have made a really big fuss with the banks and Paypal and all. :(

  19. Ugh! I can't stand that stuff!

    I sold an iPhone way back when since I was upgrading, and a guy bought it. Had it for a week and left positive feedback. Well, all of a sudden it stopped working and he sent it back to me and had paypal pull the money from my account even though I sent them all of our conversations.

    When I looked into him, turns out he was buying "less" expensive jail broken phones and installing custom software and selling them for much more than they were even worth. I was out $300 and a phone I could have sold locally and gotten more!

    I can totally understand the frustrations. I boycotted Paypal/Ebay for a couple of years after that.

    I wish I had know you were having a blog sale. I love ordering stuff from fellow blogger chicks! We've got your back.

  20. I am sorry to hear that but you're surprised how such cunning people exist! I have recently been swap lifted too... and the girl I was meant to swap with was so "nice" and kept reassuring me that it has been sent. But after a while, all the excuses she gave just didn't make sense anymore. =.="

    I guess we all have to be more careful the next time we sell our stuff/swap with others.

  21. that really sucks and honestly unfair. I guess we all have to be very careful when it comes to making any kind of transaction with others over the internet because we just never know who's being honest anymore. so sad.

  22. thats horrible. You should talk to pay pal. i'm sure they can help you with something.

  23. I'm sorry to hear that Livia. Thanks for sharing this with us so that we'll be warned. I have friends selling items online too. I'm also planning to sell items thru my Trendy Karen blog so this post is useful for me.


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