ViVi Magazine Feb 2011 meets MAC Stylishly Yours Collection! ♥


Hi everyone! I'm so happy to share with you the Vivi Magazine February 2011 edition featuring the colourful MAC Stylishly Yours collection. I was a bit disappointed that they only featured one look using products from this collection, but it is still gorgeous and something I'd like to recreate myself! I hope this is useful somehow! ♥

Makeup Used:

EYES: Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base, Blacktrack Fluidline using 209 brush, Play It Proper beauty powder, #36 lashes, New Hue mascara

CHEEKS: Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base, Play It Proper beauty powder

LIPS: Cockney lipstick

Products from the Collection

MAC Stylishly Yours Collection Look, MAC Cham-Pale Collection Look

Note: The MAC cream colour bases featured are not supposed to be eye safe, however they seem to have used the light pink one in this look. Be careful, if you have sensitive skin, it is not advisable to use it on the eyes! ♥

What do you think? ♥



  1. That's quite funny because I think MAC MA's in Japan are trained to say the CCB's are for the eyes.. I went to buy mine the other day and the lady kept insisting that it was an eye-base and that I shouldn't use it on my face, even if they display it right below the blushes.. it was quite frustrating.

  2. @MakeYuUp- Hmm that is very interesting. I know some CCBs are eye safe, and unfortunately the ones in this collection are supposedly not. But I also know some people use the not eye-safe ones for eyes too and get away with it fine. I guess its use at your own peril? :P

  3. i really love your blog !it's so pretty :))
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  4. cool blog:) imma new follower.

  5. this collection is super bold. definitely not for the faint hearted. i live in australia but often find out about new makeup collections from ViVi JAPAN first. hehe i love ViVi - thanks for sharing xo


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