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Hi everyone! I have recently ventured into the world of swapping at MakeupAlley.com (aka MUA), which allows you to trade your unloved products that are just collecting dust for something you might love and probably use more! This is also a great way to try products without spending too much money. The gorgeous Natalie from http://nattyngeorge.blogspot.com/ has written comprehensive posts regarding an introduction into MUA and a swap how-to guide. Her posts are very useful resources, so if you're interested in MUA, these are a must-read.


However, even though I took the precautions of swapping with someone with 20+ 100% good feedback, I am sad to admit I have been swap-lifted. She wanted my MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark in exchange for her MAC 190 brush, which I also wanted. Because I was relatively new with less feedback, I agreed to send my end first. This user also lived in the UK and received my item fairly quickly, but 2 weeks after she received my item I haven't received her end yet. I started to become dubious and checked her user account. Lo and behold, she had 3-4 NEW negative comments where she had swap-lifted other users. I still persevered and emailed her MUA account, however she would keep making excuses. 1 month later she deleted her account entirely.

Her username on MUA was ffion176. She may have made a new account to swap-lift more people, so ladies if you're thinking of swapping with someone, please ensure that who you're swapping with is not her! Here are her details:

Ffion Cooper
62 Matthysens Way
St. Mellons

I strongly feel it is very important for my readers to be aware and not be swap-lifted by this same person!

I don't feel bad about invading her privacy by sharing her details, because she has violated my rights to the swap and also did so to several other people. I warned her I would report her as a swap-lifter if she did not fulfil her end of the bargain however she deleted her account instead.

I have not pressed further action yet, because I am just so busy with work which is really a shame. When I find time I hope to do so.

Swapping is fun, but just be careful. I would like to believe I am now more cautious with swaps!

Any thoughts guys? How have your experiences been in MUA? 



  1. sorry to hear that. Did you join swaptawk???

    I was nearly swaplifted twice. Right now i'm dealing with an extremely slow swapper (the swap took over 2 months, can you believe it?)...she has kept me waiting and waiting (without telling me before we finalized the swap), i kind of wanna leave her a neutral token...

  2. poor you i havent heard of mua till now even though you have had a bad experience dont let it get you down we arent all dishonest i may have to check out the site myself :)

  3. @merve- thanks hun x

    @Jennifer - I've never heard of swaptawk before, I'll check that out. I had a really slow swapper too, it took me 1.5mos of nagging before she sent my package. She even lied to me saying she'd sent it weeks ago, but it was so evident on the package itself that she only recently sent it. I got my package in the end though so I'm not reporting her or anything, but I wrote her an email about why I was giving her a bad token so she was a bit civil about it.

    About your case, I think 2 months is a really long time. If you do give her feedback right away, what will you do if she really doesn't send her item in the end?..

  4. ive known about MUA for a while now and it's because of stories like these that i've never tried swapping products with anyone (on any site!)
    good for you for publishing her address... i wouldnt feel bad AT ALL.


  5. @charmed-chick- I know there are a lot of good people out there, so I am still swapping. But it is just disheartening that there are thieves in the makeup community :( I do recommend it though. Try it! x

  6. Hiya, I'm on MUA too, whats your username on there? Mines is Redz24 =)

  7. I've never heard of swap-lifting before. What a low thing to do. I'm glad you published her address. My wife sells things on Ebay and every once in a while the auction winners push her to ship right away, before they have time to pay. It's crazy. What takes longer, processing a Paypal transaction or boxing up an item for shipping, calculating the postage and taking the package to the post office?

    Some people!!! :(

  8. YIKES!! That's terrible! Even with 20+ postive feedback? =(

    I have MUA but I hardly use it or update it. Whenever someone messages me, I always get a mini panic attack and thinking if I should swap with them or not =/

    I prefer swapping with bloggers much much more! ^^

  9. This is why I don't like swapping =S and I get a lot of messages on my YouTube account asking for swaps. Just don't trust anyone these days.

  10. Thats is so frustrating..
    I hope that karma will hit her back..stealing people like this,pff!
    sorry to hear that.

  11. your blog is very beautiful!!


  12. how awful, i heard many swaplifting stories before, that's why i never swap on MUA!

  13. oh wow thats awesome i have never heard of this before x

  14. Hello Livia!!!
    It's Carol! Your Eyeko Liptastik link was on Eyeko's twitter, and I clicked it... and I realised that I KNOW YOU :-D

    Lovely blog, I shall follow!

    Havea great Christmas holidayyyyyyyy x x x x x

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