MAC Peachy Bronze Blushes: Margin, Sunbasque and Get Away Bronze (LE)


Hi everyone, I just took random swatches of these blushes in my collection Margin, Sunbasque and Get Away Bronze (LE) to compare these three, but then I thought before I delete these photos, why not share them with my readers? So in this post I am comparing these three peachy bronze coloured MAC blushes. Margin and Sunbasque are permanent, whereas Get Away Bronze is limited edition from the MAC To The Beach collection released in summer 2010. I hope this post is useful somehow! ♥

Comparing the three, Margin has the most peach and least bronze, Sunbasque has the strongest orange tone, and Get Away Bronze is a rosey brown.

While these are all shimmery, Margin has the most shimmer, followed by Get Away Bronze and lastly Sunbasque.

All 3 blushes are gorgeous for that exotic beach glow, which I love for this winter season. Out of the 3, I think I love Sunbasque the most, then Margin, and Get Away Bronze.

Here are swatches:

What do you think? Do you have any of these blushes? Which do you like best? ♥



  1. aww.. those are pretty colors!! I would love to have all of them.. LOL... those shall be added to my wishlist... =)

  2. from your swatches, i like get away bronze the most :) very pretty

  3. @AnNeTtEe- Cool! :)

    @socialitedreams- Completely opposite to me! Haha. I like GAB the least but it still is very pretty :)

  4. I can't decide between Margin and Sunbasque, they're both gorgeous. :) It's a shame we can't buy MAC in our country...

  5. Sunbasque has been my big want for so long! I need to get that blush!

  6. hey Livia!!! I knoww im so sad i missed out on Tuesday... was not feeling well at all :( but i plan to maybe tag-along on boxing day with u and sel? hopefully see u then! maybe we could go sales shopping!

    ooo they all look so nice.. the swatch of Sunbasque really reminds me of Nars Gina which you said you wanted to try... since you like Sunbasque so much I really recommend Gina to you - except its alot more matte!
    I have get-away-bronze but i never use it as a blush for some reason! I just take a fluffy brush and use it as an all-over bronzer!


  7. Love the blushes. I will have to try them at my nearest MAC store.
    Merry Christmas to you and your Family!


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