I Love Inglot Eyeshadows!! - Reviews and Swatches ♥

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to share with you my first purchases from the cosmetics company Inglot. I've passed by the Inglot store at Westfield Shopping Centre in London so many times, but I only entered their store yesterday. But once I entered, I was hooked! I was surrounded by so many beauty products, from foundations to blushes, lipsticks, glosses and nail polishes, but what caught me the most were their eyeshadows. They had a ton of colours on a table and my eager fingers immediately started swatching them. The staff seemed wonderful; they were quite helpful and came up to me and asked if I needed anything, without being so.. neurotic about it? I dislike staff that are too eager, but I also don't like those that pretend you're invisible.

Inglot has an amazing Freedom System where you get to choose your own colours and products to place in palettes. But what I loved so much about Inglot was the amazing quality of their products at such affordable prices! I picked an eyeshadow palette with 5 eyeshadows and 1 small handy eyeshadow brush for £18 in total. If I had that money to spend on MAC, I would only be able to get 2 eyeshadows in their pans!

In the Inglot store at Westfield, they organised their eyeshadows by eyeshadow families. I was instantly drawn to the purple-grey set, and started swatching from there. I picked eyeshadows in 444, 454, 501, 420 and 434, and also a 20p brush. I rather wished their products were not named by number, rather if they had their individual names. It would be so much easier to remember! Anyway, keep reading for my reviews and swatches xx

444 is a dark mushroom-ey grey, with a formula that's similar to a MAC veluxe pearl. The colour reminds me of a darker version of the sought after MAC Smoke and Diamonds eyeshadow.

454 is a light taupey grey, also in a veluxe pearl formula. A lighter version of Smoke and Diamonds.

501 is a dirty white colour, with a hint of purple, and very fine silver flecks. I have nothing like this in my collection! The texture reminds me of MAC Vanilla eyeshadow, so this is probably a Velvet finish.

420 is a grey-lavender shade, which I love so much this season. It's a more purple version of MAC Hypnotizing eyeshadow, with a way smoother and more buttery texture. It's like a veluxe pearl! ♥

434 is a dark grey purple eyeshadow. The colour itself reminds me of the cult favourite MAC Moth Brown eyeshadow from the Barbie collection a few years ago. Like 3 of the other eyeshadows I chose, its texture is divine! Its texture is also akin to a veluxe pearl.

Here are swatches:

The 20p brush is a tiny eyeshadow brush. I haven't used it much yet, but the bristles seem good enough to apply eyeshadow. It fits well into a pocket in the palette, and it only cost £3, so I thought why not take that too for convenience :)

Don't get me wrong with the eyeshadows they have; Inglot has a variety of finishes, from mattes to satins, velvets and veluxe pearls. I haven't swatched any eyeshadow that seemed similar to MAC lustres, which is a good thing! I'm inlove with veluxe pearl finishes though so that's what I picked.

I think I'm actually starting to get hooked on Inglot eyeshadows. I'm itching to get a set of neutrals, and maybe some face stuff. Hopefully this cheaper alternative will help me get over my MAC addiction! ♥

Have any of you tried Inglot Cosmetics? If you have, what have you purchased from them and what do you recommend? If you haven't, you should definitely check out their products! ♥


  1. Loving the colors! Those are nice to make ''icy'' looks.


  2. i really need to get my hands on some inglot eyeshadows! great swatches and review :)

  3. Hmmm, many of our malls have changed their names to "Westfield" in the past few years...that compnay must be huge.

    Just wanted to say HI.

  4. Hey Livia its Emma (selene's friend!)
    She told me to give the name of my blog but it's really crap (and quite neglected) so I was too embarassed but I thought hey might as well! haha

    yours is A-M-A-Z-I-N-GGGGG!!!!!!
    i LOVE it!!! so pretty and organised and easy to read and full of colourful beauty goodies! hehe

    hope you're well! probably see you on tuesday with Sel'?

  5. I love the inglot palettes. They are actually really nice ;)

    Follow Me? :)

  6. ooo.. i love 444 & 501.. haha~ nice haul... i wish there is inglot in Singapore...


  7. These colors are gorgeous. Perfect for this time of the year. Must check out. :)

  8. I always walk past Inglot at Westfield but never go in as well, this was really helpful ima have a look in there next time! :D

  9. Really love your swatch! Hope can get inglot e/s as difficult to find it in my place


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