Hi everyone! I'm so happy to share with you the Vivi Magazine February 2011 edition featuring the sparkly MAC Cham-Pale collection. I was a bit disappointed that they only featured one look using products from this collection, but I hope this is useful somehow! ♥


ViVi Magazine Feb 2011 meets MAC Cham-Pale Collection! ♥


Hi everyone! I'm so happy to share with you the Vivi Magazine February 2011 edition featuring the colourful MAC Stylishly Yours collection. I was a bit disappointed that they only featured one look using products from this collection, but it is still gorgeous and something I'd like to recreate myself! I hope this is useful somehow! ♥

ViVi Magazine Feb 2011 meets MAC Stylishly Yours Collection! ♥


Merry Christmas Everyone! 

This look was inspired by Megan Fox's look in the music video Love The Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna. I was watching it earlier today, and I wanted to create a look inspired by hers. In this look, I am using the Urban Decay Naked Palette, products from Inglot, and Eyeko, as well as MAC products. I hope you enjoy this! ♥


LOOK: Megan Fox Inspired Smokey Grey Eyes and Hot Pink Lips


Hi everyone, I just took random swatches of these blushes in my collection Margin, Sunbasque and Get Away Bronze (LE) to compare these three, but then I thought before I delete these photos, why not share them with my readers? So in this post I am comparing these three peachy bronze coloured MAC blushes. Margin and Sunbasque are permanent, whereas Get Away Bronze is limited edition from the MAC To The Beach collection released in summer 2010. I hope this post is useful somehow! ♥


MAC Peachy Bronze Blushes: Margin, Sunbasque and Get Away Bronze (LE)


Here's a look that I really liked. Its a smokey purple eye paired with medium pink lips. I don't really know why I hardly wear purple eyeshadows. But I guess I should be using them more! This look features an Illamasqua blush and an Eyeko lipgloss! Enjoy x


LOOK: Purple Eyes and Sweet Pink Lips


I have just seen the reviews and swatches online of the MAC Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours collections, and I must say I cannot wait until I get to see these products in person! I am very excited about the launches. Cham-Pale looks kind-of blah, and I only want to get one item from it. Stylishly Yours on the other hand is so bright and colourful, and despite this, most of the products seem very wearable! Here are the items on my wishlist:


MAC Stylishly Yours & Cham-Pale Collection - Swatches & Thoughts! ♥


Hi everyone, I'm so thrilled that my Christmas holiday has begun! Finally a break from work and time to spend with my family. And it is also time to catch up with pending posts!

When I checked out the MAC A Tartan Tale, I was interested in two eyeshadow palettes, namely Dashing Lassies filled with neutral colours, and Beauties Play It Cool which is purple-themed. However, despite the lovely colour combinations, I realised that I had similar colours in my eyeshadow collection, and so I constructed my own palettes with dupes of those colours. Here's a look I did using my version of 'A Dashing Lassies'.


LOOK: A Dashing Lassies Look - Smokey Taupe

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to share with you my first purchases from the cosmetics company Inglot. I've passed by the Inglot store at Westfield Shopping Centre in London so many times, but I only entered their store yesterday. But once I entered, I was hooked! I was surrounded by so many beauty products, from foundations to blushes, lipsticks, glosses and nail polishes, but what caught me the most were their eyeshadows. They had a ton of colours on a table and my eager fingers immediately started swatching them. The staff seemed wonderful; they were quite helpful and came up to me and asked if I needed anything, without being so.. neurotic about it? I dislike staff that are too eager, but I also don't like those that pretend you're invisible.

Inglot has an amazing Freedom System where you get to choose your own colours and products to place in palettes. But what I loved so much about Inglot was the amazing quality of their products at such affordable prices! I picked an eyeshadow palette with 5 eyeshadows and 1 small handy eyeshadow brush for £18 in total. If I had that money to spend on MAC, I would only be able to get 2 eyeshadows in their pans!

In the Inglot store at Westfield, they organised their eyeshadows by eyeshadow families. I was instantly drawn to the purple-grey set, and started swatching from there. I picked eyeshadows in 444, 454, 501, 420 and 434, and also a 20p brush. I rather wished their products were not named by number, rather if they had their individual names. It would be so much easier to remember! Anyway, keep reading for my reviews and swatches xx


I Love Inglot Eyeshadows!! - Reviews and Swatches ♥


Hi everyone! I have recently ventured into the world of swapping at (aka MUA), which allows you to trade your unloved products that are just collecting dust for something you might love and probably use more! This is also a great way to try products without spending too much money. The gorgeous Natalie from has written comprehensive posts regarding an introduction into MUA and a swap how-to guide. Her posts are very useful resources, so if you're interested in MUA, these are a must-read.


However, even though I took the precautions of swapping with someone with 20+ 100% good feedback, I am sad to admit I have been swap-lifted. She wanted my MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark in exchange for her MAC 190 brush, which I also wanted. Because I was relatively new with less feedback, I agreed to send my end first. This user also lived in the UK and received my item fairly quickly, but 2 weeks after she received my item I haven't received her end yet. I started to become dubious and checked her user account. Lo and behold, she had 3-4 NEW negative comments where she had swap-lifted other users. I still persevered and emailed her MUA account, however she would keep making excuses. 1 month later she deleted her account entirely.

Her username on MUA was ffion176. She may have made a new account to swap-lift more people, so ladies if you're thinking of swapping with someone, please ensure that who you're swapping with is not her! Here are her details:

Ffion Cooper
62 Matthysens Way
St. Mellons

I strongly feel it is very important for my readers to be aware and not be swap-lifted by this same person!

I don't feel bad about invading her privacy by sharing her details, because she has violated my rights to the swap and also did so to several other people. I warned her I would report her as a swap-lifter if she did not fulfil her end of the bargain however she deleted her account instead.

I have not pressed further action yet, because I am just so busy with work which is really a shame. When I find time I hope to do so.

Swapping is fun, but just be careful. I would like to believe I am now more cautious with swaps!

Any thoughts guys? How have your experiences been in MUA? 



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