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I was able to check out the MAC Tartan Tale Collection a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest I was seriously underwhelmed. Looking at the displayer, I was somewhat 'bored', because the colours looked like repromotes and the tartan look didn't really excite me. A few products really caught my eye though, mainly because of the bright beautiful colours. These were My Highland Honey and Her Blooming Cheek blushes, Cut a Caper lipstick, eyeshadows in Glamora Castle and Follow Your FantasyUndercurrent Pearlglide Liner and the Dashing Lassies palette . However, after swatching and thinking about them, the only products that came home with me were lipsticks in Cut a Caper and The Faerie Glen, and a blush in Margin from the permanent line. Keep reading for my reviews and swatches! ♥


I'm a blush fiend so I was drawn to these two initially. However, these thoughts made me not consider purchasing them:
Her Blooming Cheek is a very vibrant hot pink, however I only seldomly use colours like these; for pinks I like the baby pink variety.
My Highland Honey is a light peach blush which was what I looked forward to before seeing the collection, but after trying it on my cheeks, it just looked like a less flattering version of Illamasqua Lover which I already had. Its a peach that doesn't brighten up my cheeks unlike Lover blush, so I decided to skip it.


I picked up two lipsticks from this line, namely Cut a Caper and The Faerie Glen. Both are lustre finishes, my favourite finish among the MAC lipsticks, which are semi-opaque with a sheen.
Cut a Caper is a bright pink-coral which is similar to Jazzed lipstick that was released in the In the Groove Collection earlier this year. I love this colour as it tends to liven up my complexion without being too harsh.
The Faerie Glen is a neutral pink, which would work well as a nude lip colour. I admit, the name also influenced me to purchase this!




Glamora Castle is a medium-toned blue-grey. I thought this was the prettiest among the eyeshadows, however I was not willing to fork out so much money on this single eyeshadow.
Follow Your Fantasy is a yellow-coral eyeshadow which you don't see too often from MAC. However, when I compared it to Expensive Pink from the permanent line (which I have), Follow Your Fantasy was nowhere as pretty!

Pearlglide liners:

These liners were actually all great; they apply really soft and are very pigmented, and they seem to dry pretty quickly and stay put. However, I am currently using the MAC greasepaint sticks which I very much love because of their lasting power on my greasy eyelids, and I still have a lot of product to go through. If I were to pick one though, it would be Undercurrent eyeliner, which is a turquoise blue with gold sparkles. It is very pretty, although I rarely wear colours like that!

Eyeshadow Palettes:

The eyeshadow palettes are good value for money. If you don't have similar colours, they would be ideal to pick up. However, I realised that in my collection, I do have colours similar to those in this launch and so I decided to skip them. If I were to pick one though, it would be the Dashing Lassies palette, for its wonderful neutrals. I might still actually pick this up later if I do change my mind, since it would be nice to carry around these wearable neutral eyeshadows in a small compact.

You can check out temptalia's posts for swatches of the individual products of this collection.

I hope this post was useful. What do you think of this collection? And what are your must-haves? ♥



  1. Glad you got both Cut A Caper and The Faerie Glen lipsticks! I try not to be overwhelmed with this collection and I am satisfied of what I got. You should get Undercurrent!! It's so gorgeous if you love teals! Also check out Black Swan! It's an intesnse version of Black Russian.

  2. From A Tartan Tale, I'd love the Glamora Castle eyeshadow and the Moonlight Night, The Family Crest, and Later pigments : ) I'm an eyemakeup freak!

    This was a lovely review, thank you for it. I enjoy seeing Temptalia's swatches and such, but I hope to see the looks you wear them with soon, too! xo

  3. The colors all look so pretty! I can't wait to get my hands on one of the Tartan sets :)

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    Rinny's 100+ Subscribers Giveaway

  4. I keep trying to tell myself I dont need to buy anything from this collection, but the more pictures I see of Cut a Caper and Faerie Glen, I think I want those 2 lipsticks!

  5. Uh oh I didn't want anything from this collection but now I think I want those two lipsticks eep!xo

  6. Undercurrent Pearlglide liner is a very pretty shade. I love it to bits.

    The lipsticks are very pretty but I passed on them, as I much prefer eye makeup!

  7. @jacquelyn- I don't wear teals much so I passed on undercurrent. And I already have enough as It is! Lol. They are very pretty though! :)

  8. @graphology- yes they are great! :)

  9. @sssdawna- your picks are awesome. I really liked Glamora Castle and the Family Crest too! :)

  10. @rinny- which tartan set are you planning to get? Xx

  11. I got the same two lipsticks and also Her Blooming Cheek. I've been looking for a bright pink for ages (missed out on Tippy in the Hello Kitty collection) so was really glad this came out. The blush is probably my favourite of the lot.

    The eyeshadows were pretty with the tartan design, but nothing too special when you consider the design is only inlaid on the top.

  12. All the sets look like such a great deal, so it's hard to decide, but I'm leaning more towards one of the lip, eye, and brush bag sets :)


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