Ecover Skin Care: Lavender & Aloe Vera Hand Soap and Shower Gel


I'm so happy to be sent these products to review by Ecover (thanks Jessica!). Ecover is a company that largely produces ecological cleaning products, but they also have a range of eco-friendly personal care products. I was given the choice of either picking lavender and aloe vera or citrus and orange blossom, but I thought the former was more weather appropriate. I'm really happy with these products, keep reading for my review!

The Ecover Lavender and Aloe Vera Shower Gel is a moderately viscous shower soap that can be used for the hair and body. Its a yellowish milky colour, kinda reminiscent of condensed milk. I don't feel like it smells of Lavender or Aloe though, but it does smell moderately sweet. It doesn't leave my skin too dry, but its not as moisturising as my favourite Dove soap. It's just ok.

The Ecover Lavender and Aloe Vera Hand Soap though is my favourite among the two. Washing hands with this leaves my hands feeling nice and clean, but slightly dry, and it smells of the refreshing Lavender and Aloe its supposed to. I really like this one.

If you're in need of new soaps, like eco-friendly products or simply just want to try something new, try these out. I love their hand soap! ♥

You can purchase Ecover Personal Products here.




    OMGGGG Thank you for doing a review. I am on a hunt for a good handsoap. I used The Bath and Body ones which always leaves my hands dry and irritated.

  2. I'm glad products can be "green" without being green. =)

  3. Love the packaging of the products! I really want to try these too! :D



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