MAC Lip Pencils: Redd, In Synch and Test Pattern Compared to Brick, Life's a Breeze and Oak~ ! ♥


I love MAC lip pencils, and I don't really know why. Let me think... they apply easily and are long lasting, and MAC has an huge array of available shades - compared to most brands! I admit that I own quite a few now, and here are the ones which I have recently acquired: Redd, In Synch and Test Pattern. In this post, I will be comparing them to some of my other ones: Brick, Life's a Breeze and Oak!


Redd lip pencil is a medium red, which is a lot more orange-toned and lighter compared to Brick lip pencil, which is definitely more blue-toned.

In Synch is a light yellow pink compared to Life's a Breeze from the MAC To The Beach collection, which is a light blue-pink.

Test Pattern is a light taupe-y brown, compared to Oak lip pencil which is a light yellow-brown.

Here are swatches!

Redd, Brick, In Synch, Life's a Breeze, Test Pattern, and Oak MAC lip pencil swatches

I hope this post was useful! Do you own any MAC lip pencils? ♥



  1. Test Pattern would be great for Blankety lipstick!!!
    I have a few lip pencils, but I don't really wear them as much... eek!

    Which collection is this (and Life's a Breeze from btw)? I 'm assuming they're le..


  2. I need to invest in some lip pencil.
    can they be worn alone all over lips?

  3. @tina_mbc- Hi hun! I can't remember what collection Test Pattern was from, but I know its been discontinued. As for Life's a Breeze, it's from the To The Beach collection that came for summer this year xx

    I love lip pencils as they really help define your lips x

  4. @bunnyface- Yes they definitely can be used to fill your lips! That's what I do with these liners, and then top them off with a matching lipstick or a lip gloss x


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