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Hello everyone, I was able to check out MAC's latest offerings for September 2010: MAC Fabulous Felines Collection, Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer, and Pro Longwear Lipcreme. Based on these collections, I believe the quality of MAC products just seem to get better and better, although I do have issues with the packaging. Keep reading for my review!

Fabulous Felines is such a beautiful collection, with a lot of wearable products.

Starting from the new eyeshadow quads, they are all very beautiful and wearable. I was most attracted to Leopard Luxe quad as I love golds and greys, when swatched however, Notoriety eyeshadow just put me off because of the lack of colour pay-off. The rest were very good quality. Palace Pedigreed was not at all appealing at first sight as I don't wear plums too much, but once I swatched it, all the eyeshadows swatched beautifully despite their satin/matte textures. I thought Burmese Beauty was just alright, but the brown-green duochrome colour is really pretty. However, to be honest, none of these screamed as must-haves for me, but they are undoubtedly very pretty. I also did not like the packaging - I did not like how there doesn't seem to be a lock or a click to close the cover and it just makes me feel paranoid about dropping the quad, shattering all the eyeshadows.

THe pigments I thought were BLAH. I am not really attracted to pigments, and they just have so much product too I doubt I'll ever be able to finish.

The blushes however, I L♥VE. Love love. They were buttery soft and pigmented. I love Utterly Game the most, a pretty bright peach. I had problems with the colour pay off with Peaches blush before (from the permanent line), but this just seems like a more pigmented version and I am very happy with it. I did not expect to get Pet Me blush in the beginning, but it was also gorgeous when swatched. Very wearable colour, nothing like Dainty blush really, which is what I thought it was going to be similar to. I have a lot of bronzers which I don't often wear, so I skipped on The Soft Meow, but it has a gorgeous name doesn't it? If I did not have so many already, I probably would have taken this one too!

The Superslick liners were so so. They're just like how other people review them. They are well pigmented but very watery, and it takes a while to dry. But once they're dry, they stay in place. The MA tried them on me and she used a fine MAC 209 brush, which makes it easier to control how much product you want on the brush. But then again, using a separate brush to apply the product? Too much work for me. Defeats the purpose of having a wand on the product itself!

About the lip products, I don't like MAC lipglasses anymore, as I feel they are way too sticky and they make my lips flake. Lipsticks however, I still love, but these ones - it just seemed as though I have seen all these before! I am also not into frosty or glittery lips so a lot of them were passes. If I had to take home one however, it would be Kittenish because of the pretty lustre finish and the colour is so purrfect for the fall (pun, ha ha) but then again I don't wear dark lippies that often so I just skipped (for now!)

Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer

The MA tried the PLW Foundation on me and I quite liked it. It gives light-to medium buildable coverage, and feels pretty light on your skin (but you can still feel it on). It stays on pretty well and doesn't look dewy the least bit. I really liked it, but my bf thought it looked way too cake-y. I did not take photos, so I don't know if it would look good in pictures, but I bet it probably will!

PLW Concealer - I was looking forward to this product as I am on the hunt for another concealer. *Thinking of Bobbi Brown Corrector*. The PLW concealer comes with a pump, and the product itself is well pigmented. I only need a little bit of concealer to place on my undereye circles, but this pump will not let me get the little drop I need! I tried several times to modulate the amount of strength I use to push the pump, but it seems like it needs a threshold pressure before it would squirt ANY product out, and therefore it would seem like you waste a lot of product. Because of that, it was NAY for me. But if you did do a lot of concealing, I think this product would be worth it.

Pro Longwear Lipcreme Lipsticks

I liked these, longwear creamy lipsticks that won't make your lips dry out - well its better to always moisturise and blot your lips with some balm and tissues before putting lipstick on, and that still applies for these. I was actually looking forward to a dark red ,similar to Kittenish that is long-lasting (like a pro longwear) however they did not have a similar vampy dark red/burgundy ish colour - to my disappointment. Oh well, I hope they release a similar colour. Out of the colours available, I really liked Extended Play which is described as a blackened brick red, but it isn't so blackened to me! The MA also tried on Overtime on me, which is a bright baby pink, and it looked really sweet. The colour reminded me of Viva Glam Gaga lipstick , or So Sweet So Easy cremeblend blush on the lips.

So that is my pretty lengthy review of the 3 collections!

Out of all these, 2 blushes came home with me: Utterly Game and Pet Me. They are gorgeous and so wearable for everyday! Definitely check them out! ♥

What do you think? Have you purchased anything from these collections? 

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  1. What I got from Fabulous Felines is Leopard Luxe Quad in the mail Friday and I'm in love with that quad! It's so amazing that all the colors definitely fits my obession with leopard prints. Also, I have some other stuff that's coming in the mail from this collection like Of Royalty l/s, Drive Me Wild l/s, and Jealous l/g. I love love Wildly Refined l/g! It's gorgeous and plus it looks really pretty with Mimmy l/g and Phiff! d/g.


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