Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Gold ♥


I've recently began to swap at makeupalley.com, and I managed to swap for this beauty! I got Bobbi Brown's Gold Shimmer Brick. I love anything with gold tones so I was really happy to snag this shimmer brick. It's a limited edition one too!

If you're familiar with Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, they are composed of 5 discrete shades. They are usually not very pigmented and are mainly used as highlighters (although fair skins may be able to use them as blushes!). I like using them as eyeshadows on the lid or highlight, because they are sparkly and make you look glowy. I think Bobbi Brown's Gold shimmer brick makes it to one of my favourites, along with Nectar shimmer brick which is a gorgeous coral one!



The different shades of gold on my yellow-toned skin don't look that much different from each other on swatches, but they are still gorgeous though.

What do you think?? Do you have this shimmer brick? ♥


  1. It's beautiful! I love the champagne colour (second from the left). I have the Bronze shimmer brick and it's great for nights out! I've never used it as an eyeshadow before so that's one to try thanks!

  2. they are really nice! i've never tried bobby brown but i'd be interested in picking it up

  3. that is a gorgeous eyeshadow color!!

  4. Oh i love this palette! :D

    Kisses sweety!

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  5. Great golden tones, this would no doubt make a lovely highlighter!

    I 've only tried the Platinum Pink shimmer brick so far and can't say I 'm sold on these just yet, I think the shimmer is slightly too noticeable for my taste (aka "if only I had smaller pores", lol)!



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