Thoughts on MAC Dare to Wear & Dazzle Lipsticks, and Jen's Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for the lack of posts. I seem to have underestimated how busy I would be this year, with going to the hospital everyday during the week and some on-calls in the weekends! I guess its no surprise since I am graduating within the next couple of years. I need to make the most of these two years to become the doctor patients can rely on.

Nevertheless, I still try to make time to update myself with the new MAC collections (haha) and I've recently checked out MAC's new Dare to Wear collection and the new Dazzle lipsticks. Here are my thoughts!

Dare to Wear Collection

This collection is such a bright and colourful one. As I've gotten older and busier with being in the hospital setting, I've begun to realise that I spend most of my time at work looking more professional and at home revising, rather than going out, which means I have less opportunity to wear such bright colours. I already have a lot of brightly coloured eyeshadows in my collection, a lot of which I never use, so I decided to skip on these.

MAC Dare to WearMAC Dare to Wear
MAC Dare to WearMAC Dare to Wear

If I did pick a few, I would love to get Free to Be (coral), Going Bananas (bright yellow), Crazy Cool (lilac) and Shock-a-holic (dark purple). They seem the most wearable of the eyeshadows. However I didn't because I already had similar ones, which are Dear Cupcake, Bright Future, and Up at Dawn, for the first three, and I wasn't sure if I already had the matte2, Fig 1.

Regarding the lipglosses, they looked really pretty in the tube. The vibrant rich colour and sparkles looked gorgeous. I was particularly drawn to one, which was called So Bad (orange/coral colour).

On applying it on my hand however, I felt that the lipgloss was really sticky and each draw from the tube took only a tiny bit of product! I wouldn't have the time and patience to keep applying to get an even coverage. And the stickiness would just make my lips flake. So it was a no buy for me.

You can check out swatches here!

MAC Dazzle lipsticks

These are so pretty! And they swatch beautifully. I swatched several on my hand and moved closer to the light, the multi-coloured sparkles were stunning. When swatched on my lips however, I realised they probably weren't for me. They looked so frosty, and I wasn't used to it. The glitter didn't stay put either, I didn't appreciate how it migrated. I know these lipsticks can also be applied over lipsticks to add a sparkle, but I just couldn't be bothered to do that. I'd rather have a single product that looks gorgeous by itself. But if you like frosty lips, you should check this out!


Out of all the dazzle lipsticks, I loved Hot Sass and Naughty You. I didn't purchase any because I wasn't completely convinced, and the nice Harrods MA suggested I leave Hot Sass on and see how I like it later in the day and come back if I've decided to purchase a lipstick. After half an hour I couldn't bear the frosty look and applied a Richer Lusher cremesheen glass on top of it, and it looked gorgeous! My bf really liked it (but I guess he loves the look of cremesheen glasses in general. So, I'd like to have a second look at these incase I change my mind! :)

Check out swatches here!

Well anyway, those are my thoughts on those two collections. I'd also like to share that the talented makeup artist, Jen, has decided to host a giveaway for her followers! Join her giveaway here! ♥


Hope this post was helpful. Did you purchase anything from the Dare to Wear collection or any of the Dazzle lipsticks? ♥


  1. I want to buy some MAC products! I only have a foundation and a pencil eyeliner.
    I don't have any MAC store near where I live (T__T)


  2. I love your blog, and I love MAC!
    This collection is amzing, I'll be surely buying some of the products soon. :)
    Hun, I am a new blogger, dohave a look at my blog :)


  3. I love MAC!


    Fantastic here!

    Pink Kisses♥

  4. love your blog its really cute and u are very pretty x


  5. I wasn't impressed by the new collections either, like you said - the lipgloss doesn't come out of the tube! And it's a bit of a weird shape for me too... and there's no pigmentation. So it was a no no for me :) I didn't even bother trying out the lipsticks as they looked really glittery and frosty and that just isn't my thing.

    love your blog, i came across it before but forgot to save the URL and am glad to have re-discovered it via tali's blog! just looking at your birthday pictures -
    1) i love busaba near selfridges but have never eaten at other branches. i must try the calamari now!
    2) ... you know anita! ;)


  6. wow nice post, i actually hated the feel of the mac dazzleglasses maybe these new lipsticks are a nice alternative :)

    Farrah xx

  7. Hi! New follower here! :) Really liking those Dare to Wear shades.


  8. Hi! New follower here! :) Really liking those Dare to Wear shades.


  9. Oh my gosh, your blog is soooooo cool!
    I love it !!

    xoxo lala

  10. I didnt buy anything from this collection either. I feel like a lot of the colors are similar to things I already have or some colors are just too bright and I would never use them anyway. I just found your blog and I'm loving it. Keep up the great work!

    xo, Diana

  11. stumbled upon ur site by accident and oh boy! am i glad or wat? lovely posts and it was even more nicer to know that u r gonna become a doctor.am from india and i am a doctor too who has a passion for makeup. just completed my basic course and now sitting at home and studying for my post graduation entrance exam(tats how things work in india).i am a follower now. when u r studying u tend to get really lonely and frustrated so i started a new blog. its a small one. if u get time plz do stop by and be a follower. once more its nice to c a doc who likes makeup so much like me. ciao.

  12. I'm a Dior girl but from time to time I like to pick up something new and exciting. I own most of the eye shadows from this collection.



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