NARS Blush Haul & Swatches

Hi everyone! I just got some NARS blushes from a blog sale, and I'd like to share some photos and swatches with you all. These are my first ever NARS blushes and I'm so thrilled to have them! The quality of these blushes are amazing. Smooth, buttery soft and pigmented. I got Super Orgasm, Luster, Silvana, and Madly. They all seem to be good summer shades, and I love them~! Uh oh- I sense a possible new addiction! ♥

Super Orgasm is a slightly shimmery peachy-pink blush with large chunks of glitter. I would prefer this without the glitter chunks, but since they're quite big, they easily fall off so its not really a big thing to worry about. :)

Luster, Silvana  and Madly are pretty similar shades of bronze:

Luster is the sheerest of the bunch.
Silvana is the most orange.
Madly is the most bronze.

Here are swatches!

Swatches with heavy fingers: NARS Super Orgasm, Silvana, Luster, Madly

Sheered swatches: NARS Super Orgasm, Silvana, Luster, Madly

I hope this helps.

Do you own any NARS blushes? And if so, which are your favourites?? Let me know, I might try them next~!


  1. Hi! I've got Orgasm and Sin. Sin is dark but if you apply it carefully the color is gorgeous...Orgasm is a Must-Have for every MakeUp-Victim :-) Greetings from Germany!

  2. Great haul! I love Nars blushes! Madly is on my list! :)

  3. @Miss♥Nikka- Madly is gorgeous~! What's your favourite NARS blush?? x

    @Jule- Thank you for your recommendations. I've heard so much about NARS Orgasm, I guess I might just have to try it out sometime :)

  4. Hi hun,

    I just wondered if you had posted the NARS eyeshadow i bought from your blog sale yet?

    Thank you xx

  5. @ *Dainty*Dollymix*- Hi hun, I'm sorry I haven't posted it yet. But its all packed and ready for dispatch, will hopefully send it tomorrow! I'll let you know x

  6. Great haul, I still need to introduce myself to NARS. I've played around a bit with it in SpaceNK, but need to take the plunge and get Orgasm powder blush and the multiple, the Super one seems to have a lot of chunky glitter.

  7. @Kat O- Thanks. The Orgasm multiple seems great too, I'd also like to try that. The main thing that's keeping me from really buying from NARS is that it is more expensive than MAC and I seem to be comfortable with MAC's quality too.

  8. From your picks, LUSTER is my Fav...
    Everyday go to shade: Deep Throat
    Lovely Pink on cheeks: NARS Desire
    Sexy Night Color: NARS Sin
    Summer color: NARS Torrid...

    next to pick: NARS Madly...and Taj Mahal

  9. If you don't like the chunks of glitter in super orgasm you should get orgasm it doesn't have those chunky bits of glitter just gives a gorgeous sheen xx

  10. It was you that beat me to that sale, bad girl.

    Mounia, Taj Mahal, Toas, Luster and Crazed.

  11. oh la la love the super orgasm!
    great review
    xo faye

  12. hello! try deepthroat. it's a lovely color you'll never regret. :)

  13. Hi,

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    Leni *^_^*

  14. I only have 4 NARS blushes, Taos, Crazed, Orgasm and Super Orgasm. Love them all!

  15. Which blogshop did you get them from?

    And I like Luster!

  16. I love Luster. It's a beautiful shade. Enjoy your new NARS blushes.

  17. I love the names of these blushes! Lusture seems a great everyday blusher, Madly is on my wishlist too xoxo

  18. I really like my Nars Orgasm Blush and the Nars Blushs you have are gorgeous :-)

  19. I 'd suggest Orgasm, Deep Throat and Amour!!! ;)

    Luster and Madly look lovely, I 'd love to try them! :)


  20. Nice post i haven't tried nars yet but defo on my list lol :D.I had to follow please check out my beauty blog and follow back.http://miilobeauty.blogspot.com/

  21. All these colours are so gorgeous - and I love the names too!
    Do any of the bronze shades have some peach in them?


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