MAC Venomous Villains Collection - Product Photos and Collection Details!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to briefly update you on details and photos of some products included in the MAC and Disney Venomous Villains collection, due to be out in September/October 2010. This collection has four parts, each inspired by a different Disney villain. See product photos after the jump!

See details after the jump~!

Innocence, Beware! - light yellow pink (Cremesheen)
Heartless- Cherry Red (Amplified)

Wicked Ways- Light nude with gold pearl
Devilishly Stylish- Deep fuchsia with pink pearl

De-vil- rich copper (VP)
Sweet joy (repromote)- creamy pale gold (Frost)

Rapidblack Eye Liner

Beauty Powder
Her own devices -cool nude

Powder Blush
Darkly my dear- mid-tone brown plum (Matte)

Evil Queen
Toxic Tale- Bright coral (Satin)
Sinister- soft brown plum (lustre)

Strange Potion- soft coral pink
Hot house- Deep raspberry with pink pearl

Her Alter Image- Light violet (VP)
Vainglorious- Bronze burgundy (Frost)
Vile Violet- Deep blue purple (Matte)

Penultimate Brow Universal

Beauty Powder
Oh so fair -mid-tone pink with gold pearl

Powder Blush
Bite of an apple- soft coral pink (Matte)

Violetta (Repromote)- Violet Purple (Amplified)
Dark Deed- Burgundy plum (Amplified)

Revenge is sweet- light yellow purple
Wrong spell- Deep plum with pink purple

Mineralize Eyeshadow
My Dark Magic- Deep pink with pink pearl/ Deep plum with purple pearl
She who Dares- Deep navy with blue pearl/ Deep forest green with lime pearl

Beauty Powder
Briar Rose- Soft violet pink with pearl

Nail Lacquer
Bad Fairy- Red with multichanging pigments
Formidable!- Teal green with pink pigment
Mean & Green- Purple with teal pigment

Dr. Facilier
Resort Life (repromote)- off white with pink pearl

Slick black- true carbon black
French Quarter- Black green with multi colour pearl

Melon- bright golden peach
Brash and Bold- bright magenta
Push the Edge- deep bright purple with pearl

Magically Cool Liquid Powder
Truth and Light- sheer shimmer reflects silver and pink
Cajun- Sheer bronze reflects gold

I'm so vain - Round special decoration compact mirror

Here are some product photos leaked on the web!

Credit to: Specky Becky and Stephanie

What do you think guys?

To be honest, I think the packaging is a disappointment. Based on the promotional video, I expected the packaging to be somewhat a bit more classy. However, these just look childish to me. And seeing the Evil Queen's head on one of the eyeshadows just strikes me funny lol.

Here's the list of products which interest me though. But if the packaging isn't as great, it won't be so difficult to stick to this list or even remove a few!

Heartless lipstick - Cherry Red (Amplified)
Toxic Tale lipstick - Bright coral (Satin)
Her Alter Image eyeshadow - Light violet (VP)
Vainglorious eyeshadow - Bronze burgundy (Frost)
Bite of an apple powder blush - soft coral pink (Matte)
Briar Rose beauty powder - Soft violet pink with pearl

Any thoughts? Did any of the products make your list? ♥


  1. i am so so excited well done with the pics and info :D can't wait til' september :) xoxo

  2. OMG!! Some of these are a must for me!!!! xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Like you, I thought it was going to be a bit more classy looking when it came to the packaging. A few items still sound nice, but the packaging is too cutesy for me.

  4. The eyeshadows and epeially the red (with changing pigments) sound wonderfull.

    The packaging is indeed dissapointing. Im not sure if I'd buy anything though, it must be pretty special if I buy something from Mac :)

  5. I agree with you, a lot of the products sound nice (our wishlists seem pretty similar) but i was expectng something more exciting with the packaging. It just looks like they've stuck a disney sticker on the usual packaging :/

  6. OMG! These look so pretty! :3 Thank you so much for sharing this. Now I have something to look forward to. :3

  7. Ooh thanks for posting this. I am feeling a little let down though! I was hoping for better packaging! xx

  8. Is the marketing idea behind these products that sometimes a girl just wants to be bad??? =)

  9. None of those impress me. :(
    I like the sketched look that you showed above each of their lines.
    Something like that would have been more artistic.

  10. Ooh been wondering how the packaging would look like and it's a bit of a disappointment to me too... it's kind of tacky but then again, it depends on the swatching moment, if it grabs me and I like the colour I'll get it, probably be eyeing blush, and lippies =) Thanks for leaking this! hahaha can't wait till they're in store, if it's oct for you there, it might even be dec for us in australia here =(

  11. I agree, I'm not impressed with the packaging. It looks like something you would get in Disneyland :-)

  12. i agree the packaging would have been so much better if it was like the drawings in the pictures!

  13. Oooooh, love these! Definatley going to be buying a few products as I'm a Disney nerd lol xoxo

  14. Ahh, thankyou so much for this!
    I'll definitely look at most of the lipsticks, the light violet eyeshadow, and the Briar Rose beauty powder.
    Great lot of info there! Thanks :D xx

  15. hope you do not mind but I posted this entry on my blog - http://lyssahoney.com/blog/?p=131

  16. Was so excited for this but the packaging is indeed a disappointment :( will still check it out though and see what i end up getting.

  17. I'm so afraid to like these...I'll have to get more projects for work to pay for these. =O

  18. So I'm weird b/c I'm not too excited w/ the descriptions, but I do think the packaging is kinda fun...I thought this was kind of a lame idea in the first place but now I'm like hmm, I will be getting a couple things for the packaging alone- black vinyl, cool :)

  19. Too bad you are dissapointed. Interesting line though.

  20. The lippies sound interesting. And although I'm not a big packaging girl, I have to say the packaging is pretty cheezy. hahaha

  21. wow! i am super excitedddd!!!!!!!! ♥

    started following you! you are amazing :)


  22. Very excited for this collection. I do agree with you on the packaging! It could have been less childish packaging...but maybe in person it will look better!

  23. Very excited for this collection. I do agree with you on the packaging! It could have been less childish packaging...but maybe in person it will look better!

  24. Hey, just stumbled across your blog. I love it! I'm following you.

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss


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