MAC In The Groove Collection Swatches! ♥

The upcoming MAC In The Groove  collection (July 2010) is filled with mineralized products and creamy cremesheen lipsticks and lip glosses.

A fellow beauty blogger has posted swatches of the collection - Check out her swatches here!

Based on her swatches, I am most excited about:

Togetherness eyeshadow trio - for the perfect purple smokey eye!

Hang Loose mineralized blush - pale lavender and pale pink

Stereo Rose mineralized skin finish - for glowy coral cheeks

Going Casual (bright blue-pink), On the Scene (peach) and Fashion Whim (light peach) cremesheen lip glasses - I love the non-sticky cremesheen finish as they make your lips so creamy and delicious looking; and these colours look absolutely gorgeous! ♥

What are your picks for this collection?? ♥


  1. Oh I like it *__*! I really need to update my make up some!

  2. Thank you for this post! Yay! I blogged about all the thing I want the other day, my list has increased now tho!

  3. i am so so excited for this collection, best one for a while in my opinion, definitely getting a couple of msfs and eyeshadows!

  4. My picks for this collection is Go For It l/s and Stereo Rose MSF since those are going to be must haves. I'm saving up for this collection big time.

  5. OMG!! Can't wait!!
    I love your blog, please visit mine :)


  6. Thank you doll! :) I'm super excited for this collection.... well which one am I not excited for? LOL but I know my wallet is going to be crying!

  7. omg i see soooo much i want! i will definitely get some of the cremesheen glasses and maybe one of the MSFs.

  8. i reposted your blog! thanks sooo much!!! for sharing!!I have no idea wat ima get!!! im soo excited!

  9. Been following your blog for a while, but rarely commented.

    Thanks for the link to the site with all the swatches of MAC In The Groove. I am eyeing for Hang Loose Mineralize Blush Duo too. Actually after seeing the swatches, my want-list from this collection has grown. :)


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