ViVi Magazine July 2010 and MAC To The Beach Collection~ !

Here are some scans of the MAC To The Beach collection portions of ViVi magazine's July 2010 issue! The photos are so pretty and colourful! Keep reading for more photos and products used in the looks! ♥

How To Make Up: - I had difficulties with this one as the scan seems over-cropped. Some products may be missing!
EYES: Sweet n Punchy eyeshadow, Humid eyeshadow, Shimmermoss eyeshadow, Float on By eye kohl
CHEEKS: Get Away Bronze blush
LIPS: Lazy Day lipstick



How To Make Up:
SKIN: Pink Rebel lustredrops, Weekend and Beach Bronze creme bronzers
EYES: Firecracker eyeshadow
LIPS: Flurry of Fun lip glass
NAILS: In the Buff and Scorcher nail polishes

I love the photos and I love this collection! Beautiful bronzey looks with bright pops of colour. The model is gorgeous too ♥

I can't read Japanese so I can't tell you exactly how they used these products, but I guess you can figure it out yourself. I also used some products from the collection in a look here.

Hope you enjoyed this post! ♥


  1. I'm loving To The Beach collection so far!!! I'm hoping to not get anything else from this collection lol

  2. Great post, it was nice to see all the products used on one model. Definitely a good collection.

  3. Ooooh is the makeup in these magazines always so colourful and amazing? It's such a nice change from the magazines here which are always neutral D:

  4. Its so nice to see MAC advertised this way in a mag...love the images too

  5. Beautiful colourful images!!!

    Thx for posting this! :)


  6. If that doesn't get some good press for MAC, I'm not sure what will- those pics of the product are so cute! :)


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