MAC Venomous Villains Collection - Sneak Peek and List of Villains~! ♥

I'm sure you all have seen it in the different blogs. MAC has finally confirmed a Disney villain-themed collection, due to come out this September. I just watched the trailer/sneak peek here.

Based on the video, it seems this collection will include the following Disney villains:

Cruella de Vil
From 101 Dalmatians, she is the ultimate fashionista villain!


the Queen
Snow White's step-mother

Dr. Facilier

Based on this list, I'm looking forward to The Queen and Cruella de Vil -inspired products the most. I'm curious as to how they will incorporate Maleficent and Dr. Facilier though. Voodoo-inspired packaging anyone? :)

What do you think? ♥


  1. i likey!!!! how was the presentation? hope it went ok xx

  2. @Ai- Ooh Hi Ai! That was quick :) Yeah presentation went fine I think, Dr Gareth and Prof Letizia were surprised by my fancy presentation haha :) I'm so relieved that's over! Now just the write up to do... How are youu? x

  3. This is exciting! I expect to see red lips! Hmm...Dr Facilier instantly makes me think of Top Hat, maybe they'll bring it back?
    And Malificent..greens, purples, that's what I think.
    What do you think they'll be coming up with for Cruella and The Queen?
    Hope your week's going well, XO!

  4. @Marce- Ooh that's a great idea! Maybe MAC will repromote the starflash eyeshadows for this collection. :)
    All I can think of are bold lip colours for Cruella and The Queen, like a blue-red and an orange-red.
    I can't wait to see the colour story and product photos! :)

  5. Does anyone else think all these female villains look like Bette Davis?

    Looking forward to what colors they have in store for us.

  6. this is definitely exciting!! i wonder what kinda colours they're gonna come up with! Can't wait to see the whole collection!!

  7. awesome!!
    I'm curious to see what they come up with:D

  8. helloo

    yay! Its over and now u get to partey!! Wait...when do u have to hand in your project? hope the audience didnt ask alot of hard questions but Im sure u did well! U're a good speaker =)!! Im good so far...want to buy loadddss of stuff from the kate moss topshop collection but gotta wait till i get paid...moo! dont know if there will be any sizes left! O_O..when u going back? gotta meet up before u leave! after u finish writing of course x

  9. Great concept, how exiting = )


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