Sleek Bohemian Eyeshadow Palette

Hi everyone! I know some blogs already have their swatches and reviews of the Sleek Bohemian palette, but I just wanted to share my own two cents! Keep reading for my short review and swatches ♥

It's the first time Sleek has come up with an eyeshadow palette in white packaging. Although it looks quite refreshing and different from the others, it also reminds me of those cheap watercolour sets people used to buy me as a kid. To be honest, I prefer the black packaging.

The palette comes with 12 eyeshadows. The colours are beautiful and vibrant. Some are shimmery, like the top left two, but most are matte finishes. I'm in love with the topmost left one! As far as I can tell, the eyeshadows are pretty good quality. As with the other palettes, this is such a steal for about £5!

The Sleek Bohemian palette is a limited edition one, and can be found at Superdrug. But I believe Sleek now has a site that also provides international shipping? If that's correct, you ladies outside the UK should definitely try this out!! ♥

What do you think? xx

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  1. Lol @ the watercolour comment, you 're absolutely right, come to think of it! :)

    Looks like a nice little palette, and a great way to add some colour if you mostly go for more neutral or smokey shades (like me), I definitely wanna get it!



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