OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Hi everyone! I'm happy to share with you my new favourite nail polish. I'm sure other bloggers have raved about this one too. Its OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender. Its my first ever pinky-lavender nail polish, and it just looks so pretty. Perfect for spring!

I'm also really impressed with OPI's quality. This polish lasted me a week without chipping at all! No base or top coat. It probably would have lasted longer if I hadn't changed it haha ♥

I urge you to try it out. Its super pretty!

What is your favourite nail polish? ♥


  1. I love lavender pinky colors! So pretty. You should try OPI Venus Di Violet if you don't already own it... somewhat similar, just a lighter shade. OPI nail polishes do have amazing application and staying power.

  2. I have been urged Im goin to get this and the mint polish from CHna glze from that ebay seller you told me about :) Its been book marked and all!

  3. i am loving the exact same one right now!!!loved your blog!!!


  4. This is really pretty! It seems more pink than lavender and I really like that!

  5. hi livia - you have me hooked on this nail polish color for the last 6 months, i've dedicated a post to it and linked it back to your blog, hope you don't mind =)

    p.s. i love your blog it's one of my weekly reads xo


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