My New Favourite Coral Lip Combo: Mouth Off lip pencil and Fresh Salmon lipstick ♥

This is a super-late upload of a post I made a few weeks ago! I hope its not too late though :)

As I mentioned in one of my posts earlier, I was really underwhelmed by the MAC Spring Colour Forecast collection, while I loved the Too Fabulous collection, released the same day. Too Fabulous unleashed beautiful mineralized blushes, lip liners and lipglosses, and while Spring Colour Forecast released colours I felt I've seen before. When I first saw Spring Colour Forecast, I swatched the eyeshadows and blushes, and didn't bother with the lip products. I went back to the MAC store a week later, curious about the lip products this time as I missed them previously. Of the lip products, only Bubblegum and Fresh Salmon stood out to me. And when I tried on Fresh Salmon on my lips, I was in-love! The MA's complimented me on my lip choice and told me that they only had 1 tube left of Fresh Salmon, so I took it! The MA suggested I try Mouth Off lip pencil as well. At first I was skeptical, as I didn't feel as though I needed a lip pencil for this one. When I tried it on however, I was surprised the difference it made to the whole look so I took that as well!

Corals are in this season, and I'm happy I've found an amazing coral combo! Keep reading for more photos, reviews and swatches! ♥

Fresh Salmon lipstick is a medium-toned coral colour, with a gold sheen. It's a lustre finish so its moisturising on the lips and the colour is buildable. It is from the MAC Spring Colour Forecast collection.

Mouth Off lip pencil is a bright coral colour that's perfect for coral lipsticks. It is one of the new lip pencils from Too Fabulous, which are pigmented and soft to apply! I just love this one. ♥

Mouth Off lip pencil, Fresh Salmon lipstick

Lip Swatch:

What do you think? Are you up for the spring coral trend?? ♥


  1. I am loving this Coral trend that is going on. Its a beautiful color! Love the lips!

  2. Fresh Salmon looks so nice! Very pretty combo


  3. The lipliner really makes the color color POP! I must have this combo. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I LOVE this look! are you wearing a gloss on top?

  5. Fab combo! I'm just starting to get onto the coral trend, just ordered Ever Hip from MAC which is kinda coral. Will be great for the summer with a bronzed make up look! x

  6. I didn't know salmon was a color too. It's very pretty. Good job!

  7. thats pretty on u ,im not sure about it for me ,but i love the lipstick-pretty
    xo mw

  8. @LCzinha- Yay! I'm glad you like it :)

    @Cynthia - You should definitely try it!

    @Dye-A-Graham - No problem! This is such a gorgeous combo :)

  9. @Imo- Nope, no gloss at all. Just a lip liner and the lipstick &hearts

    @Kelly - Ever Hip will look so pretty on you! I stay away from corals like Ever Hip, because I just don't think bright corals look good on me :(

    @tris1978ton- Salmon pink is a colour though :) Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

    @MW - The lipstick is a lustre so its pretty sheer. You could at least try it though :)

  10. I love Fresh Salmon l/s!! I bought a backup of it since that color is so gorgeous!!

  11. i'm LOVING this color combo! i've been on the hunt for a salom/coral color... my funds are tight so i will have to continue checking the drugstore! :/

  12. luv this colour! Oh, would like to find a poppy pink lippy on Thurs!

  13. @Ai- Yes, hope we'll find one for you! :) Oh no, I might get you started on a makeup addiction lol!x


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