Me Me Me Champagne Nail Polish


Me Me Me nail polish in Champagne
Gold with a sheen
2 coats

I believe that Me Me Me is a Superdrug exclusive brand (but I might be wrong!). Although this colour is very pretty, overall, I did not like this nail polish. The formula is quite thin (which I like, seems easier to manage!) and applies alright, however, even when dry, it is so vulnerable to scratches! I could not believe it. I just run my fingers through my hair, and I get a scratch mark. It could be the way I brush my hair with my fingers? But that doesn't happen with other nail polishes though. I guess that's what I get from not using a top coat, but I intentionally didn't wear one for a good review. ♥

Have you tried any nail polishes from Me Me Me? ♥


  1. Nice, I love champagne-y colours on nails :p

  2. iVE Never trie dthis brand but I always walk pat it. This colour is lovely I may just have to slow down when Im nearing this stand lol! :)

  3. @Carine - Yes it is a pretty colour! :)

    @Imo- Haha, let me know what you get ;)


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