Essential Eye Makeup Brushes; My Must-Haves! ♥

Hi everyone! I talked about my must-have face brushes in a previous post, and this one is about my must-have eye brushes. I have a lot more favourite eye brushes than face brushes, because I like to experiment with the different uses of each brushes, and find that they work well for multi-purposes, which is always a good thing. These are all MAC brushes, so I understand they can be a bit pricey. But as I mentioned in my previous post, they are all great quality, and I see no difference in them now compared to when I first acquired them! I take care of my belongings pretty well though, so that could partially be why, but I will try my best to describe these brushes to you so you can probably find good alternatives from other brands. Well keep reading for my review on the individual eye brushes!

I have 5 must-have eye brushes at the moment. My list for eye brushes actually changes every few months. So these are the ones for NOW!

239 brush – Flat dense eye brush.  It has white fibres which are really soft, but because the bristles are quite packed, it is also firm! I use this to apply eye bases, such as paint pots, when I don’t want to use my fingers. This is also great for packing eyeshadows on the lid. For a more vibrant application, pat colour on your lid, don’t sweep. The flat top is also good to line the lower lash line, or to trace under your brow with a highlight colour.

217 brush – Small domed fluffy brush. The white bristles are really very soft! The bristles are not quite as packed as the 239 so it's less firm. This is good for applying a wash of colour on the lid, and especially to apply colours on the crease. I love this one a lot; I actually want a second lol.

213 brush – The 213 is a less dense version of the 239. It is also soft, but is less firm. This is my first ever MAC brush, recommended by 2 MAC makeup artists when I wanted to purchase a MAC eye brush. It works well to apply colour on the lid, soft enough to use on the crease, and I’ve been using it to apply highlight colours underneath the brow if my 239 had been used to apply a different colour.

224 brush – Small fluffy dome brush. I’ve only recently discovered its wonders for eyeshadow application! I only used this for concealers before, but boy am I amazed with this one. I use this to blend out colour between my crease colour and brow highlight using a neutral/skin-toned eyeshadow, as sometimes the crease colour can be a bit dark and harsh. This works wonders. You really should try this! Although the black bristles are not the softest in the world.

219 brush – Small pencil brush. Soft white fibres. This is quite dense, and I love it. I use it to mark the upper/outer boundary for my crease colour, as my eyes are not really deep-set and so my crease is not very well defined, and then I fill in with the 217 brush. This is also great for applying eyeshadows on the lower lash line as it is a lot more precise than the 239, and it is also good for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.

So those are my must-have eye brushes so far! I still have not found my HG brush for cream liners such as MAC fluidlines. I have tried the 266, Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush, and Ms Makeup angled liner brush, but they don't do it for me. I’m thinking of trying the MAC 209 brush or something. Any recommendations?

I hope this was helpful. Any questions? What are your must-have eye brushes?


  1. I really want to give the 219 a go as well as the 224 and the 217!

    I use the 210 for gel liners and it works so well. It's so thin so you can really get close to the lash line and get that cute little winged look so easily. Definitely my HG eyeliner brush now :)

    Hope you manage to find one you like!


  2. I love the 217 brush for blending everything out
    I want to get the 224 brush next!
    Loved this post :) xx

  3. Great post hun, been wanting to invest in some more MAC brushes so this really helped! My only MAC brush is the 217 and i LOVE it. I use it for blending and it works like a dream x

  4. Hi Livia, I use the Sigma ones n I just love the 217 so much! I find that the 224 is amazing for applying concealer. Love the 219 too. I like using the SS275 for emphasizing the outer corners of my eyes and crease.
    For gel/cream liners, I am loving the one that comes with the Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner n sometimes the Sigma SS266.


  5. This is an awesome post! ;) I think I might get the Sigma dupes before I spend all my money on 1 MAC brush hahaha... poorbie student who loves makeup too much!!

  6. Hi this post is very helpful! i was given a set of brushes from mac and i really have no idea how or where to use them. thanks for sharing this info's!


  7. I use a MAC 208 for my cream liners (I like the angled brushes!)... I think the 266 works better for brows! Next time you stop at MAC, you should ask one of the MA's if you can try a 208 with a fluidline, so you can figure out if you like it before you buy it!

  8. I'm using eyeslipsface ones...they have a real good quality. I was astonished !

  9. @Natalie - If you could pick just one to try out, pick the 217! I shall be on the look out for the 210, it sounds great xx Thanks!!

    @Abbie - The 224 compliments the 217 well. I'm happy you enjoyed this post!

    @Kelly- I'm glad this post helped you! The 217 is a wonderful brush.

    @Cynthia- Thanks for the recommendations! I use the 224 for concealer too, but its amazing for blending out eyeshadows also. I've been using the 275 to apply highlight, but its not as precise as the ones I've mentioned in this post. xx

  10. @Dana- Haha, I know what you mean. I want to try out the sigma brushes actually. :)

    @we have is-shoe- No problem! xx

    @Kristennn- I will check the 208 one out too! Thank you so much x

    @Claire's Blog- I'm happy you found a brand you like!

  11. this is a really good post hun !

  12. you are a beauty !! =)


  13. i seriously can't live without my mac 217 brush so i totally agree with your choices here! :D

    i would add my mac 210 though.. love that baby to death! :D

  14. That's INSANE, I would have picked the SAME exact ones...lol!
    We have a great taste in eyeshadow brushes huh? Lol!

    As for eyeliner, I 'd say go for the 209 (the 210 is tooo thin, and you 're gonna have to dip the brush back and forth all the time)!

    Loved this post!


  15. @MW- I'm glad you liked it! ;)

    @Sena- Thanks hun x

    @xphoebelinax- The 217 is amazing! Hmm the 210? I'll have to check that out.

    @tina- Lol, yeah great minds think alike! ;) SO I guess i'll have to check out the 208, 209, and 210 haha :P

  16. I have all the same brushes and they are all my favs! def get a second 217 though. you wont regret it :)

    I have tried the 266 for gel liner and found it hard to get a smooth line, so I picked up the 209 and that works great!

  17. There are three key brushes when it comes to eye makeup: a stiff flat brush for adding colour to your lids, a hard dome brush for blending your shadow and a pencil brush for smudging your eye shadow under the lower.I have seen amazing makeup and beauty products.


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