17 Sherbet Lemon Nail Polish

17 Nail Polish in Sherbet Lemon
Pastel yellow, cream finish (matte with a sheen ?)
2 coats, no base coat or top coat

(please excuse the awful cuticles!!)

Its the first time I've tried a nail polish from the Boots line 17. I'm not too impressed, nor am I disappointed with this product. Just so so. Application wasn't a dream, but it wasn't too bad either. I like that its quite thick and only requires two coats to get it opaque. However, I don't like brush lines being too obvious.

Actually, I kinda regret buying this one instead of a similar pastel yellow by China Glaze called Lemon Fizz! I might still get that one though, will see :)

Have you tried 17 nail polishes?? xx


  1. loveee this colour have to check this out xx

  2. love it-im seeing some pretty polishes on blogs today ♥
    xo mw

  3. It's a pretty colour, shame about the brush lines! That would bug me if my polish had that. In the picture is looks like it had a matte finish to it

  4. Cute color but the brush lines... tsk.

    I think you should still get the Lemon Fizz!;D

    Have a lovely week!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  5. hmm, i have yet try anything frm that line yet. the color is lovely & cheaper dupe to china glaze.

    hmm how would you compare with barry m formula?

  6. It is a little too pastel-ish. However, I think it's a yummy color. Makes me crave mangos, lemmons and all the citris fruits.

  7. @Sizbelle- I haven't tried Barry M nail polishes so I can't really compare them. I'm sure China Glaze has better quality though :)

    @Tris1978ton- It does make me crave for mangoes and lemons too!! :P

  8. Oooh - never tryed yellow nail polish before
    looks fresh :)
    great blog! loving the pictures
    stop by some time :) xx

  9. Cute yellow..matches your blog hehe ^_^

    You've got a lovely blog, im a new follower! wheeee :]


  10. @Margaret- I'm happy you like it! Its the first yellow nail polish I've tried too! x

    @Miss Nikka - Oh, I never realised that the colour matches! Haha! Welcome to my blog xx


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