More MAC Too Fabulous: Sun and Moon & Naked Liner

I picked up a few more products from the MAC Too Fabulous collection. That collection is just so pretty! I'm in-love with all the products. I got Naked Liner lip pencil, Sun and Moon mineralized duo and Bubblegum lipstick - the only item I've picked up from Spring Colour Forecast so far!. This post will just be about Naked Liner and Sun and Moon - I'll place Bubblegum in another post! Keep reading for my reviews and swatches! ♥

As I mentioned in my previous post, I initially thought Naked Liner looked terrible on me, but I suppose that was because I used too much. The trick is to use light strokes as these new liners with Too Fabulous are so richly pigmented! I like filling my lips in with this and applying a dark lipgloss on top. I've been using this with Creme Allure dazzleglass creme and it looks very yummy :) I also heard you can use it for the waterline to brighten up the eye as well, but the thought of sharing a lip product with my eyes doesn't appeal to me much. There's a lot of bacteria in your mouth! Maybe if you sanitise the pencil before using that might be a good idea. :)

Here is Naked Liner compared to Oak lip pencil:

You can tell Naked Liner is much lighter and more pinkish toned compared to Oak!

I also got Sun and Moon mineralized blush. I wouldn't have given it a second glance if were not for Muhsine from Bubblegarm and Tali from The Gloss Goss! It's very pretty and wearable. Makes me think of summer!

Some close up swatches of Sun and Moon:

I thought all the mineralized blushes from Too Fabulous were so pretty! Here are swatches of all of them:

Too Virtues, Chic Couple, Sun and Moon, Rhapsody in Two, Bi-Tone, Buddy Up

Did you get anything from MAC Too Fabulous?? ♥


  1. I haven't got anything else from Too Fabulous yet. I'm aiming to get Bi-Tone and Chic Couple soon.

  2. I love the new liners for the collection! They really are much more pigmented.

  3. naked liner looks pretty. i think it'd look good with a nude-ish colour lipstick/gloss !

  4. i really want to try mac too fabulous very bad! loving the colours :) think i'll have to purchase some when the next student loan comes in next semester xD

  5. Wow that blush looks amazing!!

  6. I love this blush! I would love to try it! Unfortunately I haven't found any MAC in Japan!(Where I'm currently living) I will just keep looking at all the products on your page. Love your blog!

  7. the naked liner would work perfect with nude lip color. and the sun and moon mineralized blush looks fabulous.

  8. @FabDiva20- Bi-Tone and Chic Couple would look gorgeous on your skintone!

    @Beautygirl24- I agree, they're so creamy and pigmented!

    @xbbkay- Yup, Naked looks amazing with nude lipsticks/glosses. Infact, I think its the perfect liner to go with MAC Fleshpot lipstick!

    @Nicol- These are so pretty, I hope you'll be able to get some when your student loan comes! :)

    @Stefanie- Sun and Moon IS very pretty! x

    @Sincerely, B.- I'm sure there's a Japanese MAC website? You can probably order, but I think all the blushes are already sold out from there though.

    @Yumiko- I'm glad you like them! :)

  9. I really want Naked and In Sunch liners!
    I 'm also between Buddy Up and Sun and Moon, one looks like a gorgeous rosey/coraly shade and the other like a flaterring peachy toned... not sure I can get both though...! :(


  10. Naked Liner ist perfect for Creme d' Nude Lipstick, love it!
    sun&moon looks very pretty on your picture

  11. thanks for the swatches and comparison sake!

    now i'm even sure which blusher i want and would compliment my skintone!TWO VIRTUES! hehe
    its a battle between rhapsody in two, two virtues and buddy up!

    would you care to do FOTD for us?
    am looking for my 1st MSF blusher..

    all this while me japanese cosmetic junkie..jillstuart, lunasol, shu uemura..wanna come out from my comfort zone lol

  12. I love the look of the Naked liner and the Sun and Moon looks so pretty :)

  13. Rhapsody in Two is so pretty. Sigh...now I regret not getting it. I kept swatching it in the store but couldn't justify purchasing it then as I thought the colour was pretty similar to all the blushes I own!

  14. Your pictures are amazing. The blush looks so pretty. Do you still use your Canon? I'm looking for a new camera and I'm thinking of getting another Canon or Panasonic.


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