MAC Rhapsody in Two, Two Virtues & Thoughts on Spring Colour Forecast & Too Fabulous Collections! ♥

Hi everyone! I went to MAC yesterday to check out the new collections, and I was really surprised I didn't really fancy much from all the collections that were out at all! Money saved I guess. I only picked up Rhapsody in Two and Two Virtues mineralized blush duos from the Too Fabulous collection. Keep reading for my 2 pennies on Spring Colour Forecast and Too Fabulous! xx

Too Fabulous

I only got Rhapsody in Two and Two Virtues blushes. They're both so pretty! I just love shimmery cheeks. I also specifically asked for the Rhapsody in Two blush with the most pink and Two Virtues with the most purple in it lol. Good thing I was at Harrods so the MA was nice and amused with it, whereas if I went to Selfidges the MA would probably have given me the cold shoulder.

I expected to get Naked lip pencil, but when I swatched it on my lips it just looked so pale/cool toned on me that it just looked wrong Jealous of the girls that could rock that one!

I also checked out the cremesheen glosses, I thought Loud and Lovely was really pretty. They're permanent though and pricey, and I have many lipglosses anyway so I didn't have the impulse to buy it there and then!

Spring Colour Forecast

From Spring colour forecast, I expected to get Hot Hot Hot eyeshadow, but when I swatched it, although it was pretty, it dawned on me that I already had too many eyeshadows and since its quite a loud colour, I probably wouldn't be able to wear it much! The rest of the eyeshadows looked meh and boring to me.

The eyeshadow quads were both pretty, but I already had similar colours to the neutral one (except for Creole Beauty that was pretty!) and I had some difficulty swatching the highlight colour for the purple one! Like it wouldn't even transfer to my finger. So odd :S And I don't like the new quad packaging! I wish MAC would return to the old one. I think I feel that way coz the OCD part of me doesn't want the change, and that I think it might be quite difficult to depot the eyeshadows.

For lipsticks, I liked Bubblegum. A wearable lavender-pink IMO. I wanted to get it, but I didn't bring my B2M stuff so I didn't take it. Maybe next time. I didn't check out any of the lipglosses... I'm on a lipgloss ban now I guess!

I didn't check out the blush ombres since I thought they were way expensive, and I already have enough cheek stuff! I just bought the cremeblends from Lillyland last month too, and I really wanted the 2 MBs I got. So blush ombres were skipped. =)

I felt quite sad about not seeing the new Viva Glams though. I really expected to see them! I really wanted to get my hands on Viva Glam Gaga. Haai. I guess money saved for this month xx

Now for pictures, swatches and comparison swatches of my two new blushes: Rhapsody in Two and Two Virtues!! ♥♥♥

Rhapsody in Two blush, By Candelight MSF, Moon River blush

The three are pretty similar, although compared to Rhapsody in Two, By Candlelight is a little more on the gold/yellow side, and Moon River is cooler toned and more pink ♥

I also already have Boy Bait cremesheen glass from the Magic, Mirth and Mischief collection. That lipgloss is such a pretty nude. It makes my lips look so juicy!! Check out Boy Bait photos and lip swatches! ♥

I hope this post helps someone!! xx

What were your must haves from these collections??? ♥


  1. Nice review and swatches! I think I'll be skipping on the MB's, maybe I'll pick up a liner or two. From Colour Forecast I want to get a couple of things, but I want to see everything in person first!

  2. @Marce- Thanks Marce! The liners are definitely must-haves for the right skintones! I thought I wasn't getting these blushes until I swatched them and fell in love with their prettiness! ♥

  3. those blushes look beautifuL! and i know what yu mean about the viva glam, i want to get my hands on it now as well,bub i think it's all sold out here :) all well, it's money saved :D

  4. @xbbkay- Yeah, the blushes are really gorgeous! And yup, money saved :) Your counter should re-stock soon too since its meant to be available for a whole year! xx

  5. O my goodness.. the colours are so beautiful, sadly tis gunna be a while before i can afford to go to mac again :( http://thecreepyprincess.blogspot.com/ xx

  6. I just blogged about the new collection! I had to get cremesheens ;) They are my absolute favorite. I actually got fashion scoop and also richer, lusher. I might go back for loud and lovely next week, when the liberty of london collection debuts! Yes, I have a problem. But I really don't own that many lipglosses. That's how I justify it
    ♥ Noelle

  7. @laura ☮ ♥- Aww.. I'm sure MAC will come up with pretty collection soon when you'll have money to spend xx

    @Beautygirl24- :) What a coincidence! And you're right, cremesheen lipglasses are lovely. I love my boy bait! It's the only cremesheen I own so far. But I on the other hand have a lot of lipglosses (IMO) so that's how I justify not buying any more lol. Though that doesnt work for lipsticks and blushes! :P

  8. I thought of getting Rhapsody in Two but I'm afraid that it might be too shimmery for my liking. =/
    I'm more confused now because the blush looks so pretty! Lol

  9. Nice haul! I only got Two Virtues online and cannot wait to get it! And also, the blush ombres are amazing! I bought all four of them!

  10. Those swatches are gorgeous!


  11. Woo...they are so pretty! I wonder how they will look like on one's face? I have never bought a blush with 2 colours in it before...I am kinda scared that the end colour might come out weird on my cheeks!

    I went to check out my local MAC counter to see if they have any creme blushes and they are still stuck on the "All races" collection! Boo!

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