Lip Swatch: MAC Black Knight Lipstick

MAC Black Knight Lipstick
Limited Edition from MAC Style Black Collection
Cremesheen finish, A creamy true black

I know I swatched this before, but I wasn't too happy with it. This is a re-swatch! :) ♥

EDIT: This colour is a bit hard to pull off, and I've been thinking of a look to wear it with without looking too gothy. I found out that this looks pretty cool with minimal eye makeup and light blue or grey eyes/contacts!


  1. Very intense, reminds me of the Lady Gaga Paparazzi video clip!

  2. Do you wear this? It looks pretty intimidating!

  3. Wow, this looks a lot better. Dark colours are always tricky to pull off, though.

    The only lipstick I got from the style black collection was Night Violet, which looks like a backened orchid colour on me, and before wearing it I always line and fill my lips with MAC's "nightmoth" pencil. And even THEN, it still requires frequent touchups.

  4. that is wow! i wouldnt dare wear this in public tho xD

  5. girl! no matter what color lipstick you wear ... you wear it beautifully! I'm so jealous of your lips! just gorgeous! <3

  6. girl, i would never be able to pull smthn like this off, but you are so brave to wear this <3

  7. Wow, this is really unique.
    Don't know if i could ever pull of this look! xx

  8. I know, this lipstick is so intense!

    @ Stefanie- You're right! I got this lipstick before I watched the Papparazzi vid on youtube, and thought hey, thats my lipstick! :p

    @ scarlettholly- Yes, it is pretty intimidating! To be honest, I haven't worn it out of my room myself lol x

    @The Bloated Ewe- Yep.. dark lips are a bit of a pain! They need a lip liner, and careful maintenance. I'm scared to wear this outside, partly because of that reason!

    @Nicol - Haha, I wouldn't dare to - yet! Gathering up confidence and waiting for next fall :) I found that it looks great with light grey coloured contacts tho!! xx

    @Anita (*swtexcape*)- I haven't worn it properly yet, so I'm not that brave haha!x

    @ Schnella- You're right, its very difficult to pull off! I've been thinking of what to wear with this so it doesn't look too gothy. Well-groomed brows, thin black liner on upper lash lines, mascara, and light grey colour contacts come to mind. :)

  9. i want ur black mac lipstick!!!! is it black??? btw...send me the link for next thurs? x

  10. @Ai- Yes it is black! It's really cool, but I don't get to wear it much though lol :) I have just emailed you the invite hun xx

  11. btw...dare u to wear it next thurs!! x

  12. @Ai- Bwaha, only if my eyes are well enough for contacts then! Wearing this lipstick with my deeeeeep brown eyes makes me look really gothy lol. I wanna check out the MAC store at Carnaby too... a new collection will be out that's oh so pretty! ♥

  13. ehh? But you were wearing contacts the other day! Your eyes still giving you problems? O_O Go see doctor! Can't wait!! >_<

  14. @Ai- I know, I was just trying them out. I had to apply eye drops every hour though :( Tried to wear them again the next day, and it was an epic fail. I really should see a GP, but I still have to register to one ><


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