Lip Swatch: Lavender Lips

I noticed that my dark lipglasses have often been neglected, so I recently experimented using them on top of nude lipsticks. The results quite surprised and impressed me and I think I'll be getting more use out of my dark lipglosses from now on! This is one of the first combos I've tried, and it fits well with this spring's lavender lip trend!

All products I used for this lip combination are by MAC. I used Naked (LE) lip liner and Fleshpot (PRO) lipstick as a base - these two are soo meant for each other!! I used So This Season (LE) lipglass on top.

What do you think? Would you wear this lip?? ♥


  1. Love this and I would wear this, it's gorgeous =). I must start mix and matching with my lippies/glosses X

  2. I love the lavender... super cute! I gotta try out this shade!

  3. i would soooo wear this! looks absolutely gorgeous!

  4. that is a pretty combo!!
    xo mw

  5. I do find that dark lipglosses/lipglasses work wonders on top of another colour instead of just by itself.

    I have MAC Star Nova liplustre for a while and didn't like it much. Then it looks really great on top of other nude lipsticks!

  6. The lavender lips looks good. Want to try this too:)

  7. Hello, i have invoiced you for the brush. I am off to the post office tomorrow so I can send it then.

  8. oops here is the link! http://swtexcape.blogspot.com/2010/03/tagged_21.html <3

  9. this is a pretty combination! the colour looks lovely on you! xx

    i've nominated you for some blog awards: thanks for your comment girl : <33

  10. Naked l/l and Fleshpot are my everyday staples! And So This Season looks great on top! :) It's kind of fun to shop your stash instead of just getting new things all the time :) Anyways yea it looks great!

  11. @Linda Phuong Tran- Mix and matching glosses is a great way to find new lip shades! :)

    @Turtle- I'm glad you like it! Yes you better try it out! x

    @Nicol- I'd love to see you rock it hun ;)

    @MW- Thanks! Glad you like it. xx

  12. @bowsnhearts- You're right. I find that dark lipglosses tend to be kinda streaky by themselves, especially if they're a lot darker than my own lip colour. I'm loving layering them over light coloured lippies though! :)

    @CHARRY- I'm loving lavender lips too! ;)

    @legseleven7- Yay, I've just sent my payment. I can't wait to get the brush! :)

  13. @graphology- I'm happy you like it! x

    @Anita (*swtexcape*)- Aww thank you so much for the award! xx

    @Abby Q.- I love shopping my stash, but its just that so many new pretty stuff comes along that just get added to my collection. Actually I'm feeling rather guilty about the amount of makeup I already have, so shopping my stash eases away a bit of the guilt, ha! :p

  14. Hi, I use my MAC select sheer pressed powder to set my foundation, I always bring it with me for touch ups. It's so light. I don't think it'll give you enough coverage if used alone.

  15. sexy lips! i luv the colour :)

  16. i love how you can just pull off any lipstick color and look AMAZING!!!

    this looks so cute on you!

    btw i tagged you :)

  17. @CHARRY- Thanks for the tip. I guess I won't be able to use it as foundation afterall :)

    @Missy Hii- Thanks! I'm glad you like this colour x

    @Khris- Aww I'm happy you like it! And thanks for the tag xx

  18. totally looks cute! i would wear it for sure!

  19. @Keely Valentine- Yay! :)

    @Jing- You're welcome. I'm happy to share any tips I have!x

  20. The perfect combination - I simply love it!


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