Gifts and Blog Sale Treats

Hi everyone! This post will be the products in the above picture I got from a blog sale, and some gifts a friend of mine gave me when I went to visit her! ♥

So I got MAC Black Russian and MAC Fly-by-blu pearlglide liners. I really wanted to get these when they were released last year, but somehow I was able to resist. When I saw these at a fellow blogger's blog sale, I just had to have them!! They are so soft and vibrant, they remind me of Urban Decay 24/7 liners in terms of the smoothness in application.

Black Russian is a black with silver sparkles. I bought MAC Night Sky glitter eye pencil last December 2009, which is also a black with silver glitters, but Black Russian is so much easier, softer and smoother to apply!

Fly-by-blu is a navy blue with blue shimmers. It's very soft to apply.

The lovely beauty blogger also included an extra gift with my purchase! Beauty UK Glitter Explosion No.6 is a solution in lilac glitters. I think this is meant to use on the eyelids or as a glitter eye liner, but I felt that it just dries toooo slowly for that purpose. I wouldn't have the patience to wait or to keep fanning my lids for it to dry!

Anyway guys, here are swatches! ♥

MAC Black Russian, MAC Fly-by-blu, Beauty UK Glitter Explosion No.6

I visited one of my friends last weekend and she gave me all this stuff! For no reason at all! She's so sweet :)

I'm so grateful. I can't believe I got this much loot in one go! Have you tried any of these products? And those MAC lashes, I have no idea what they're called. No number! She said she bought them from the MAC store though so they're genuine. I shall post a clearer photo later and maybe you guys can help me work out which ones those are xx

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! ♥

What's your favourite brand for eyeliner pencils? ♥


  1. Nice products you have a lovely friend :)

  2. awww she is too kind!have u tried the clarins spray sunscreen??i wanna try!lol

  3. These look lovely!


  4. As for pencils, probably mac... they have tons of colors and last a while. I've also heard good things about the sharpener..


  5. great!!!!nice blog honey... i like it ;O)

    i follow you, i hope you follow me toooooo????

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    KISS ;*)

  6. @charmed-chick- Thanks! I'm lucky to have her x

    @Vanilla- I haven't tried any of these products yet! I will make a post of them when I do! :)

    @Hope Chella- Thanks!

    @Timeless Fashionista- I love MAC pencils, but I've never heard anything about their sharpener!x

    @dressed to please- Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  7. wow lovely stuff u've got there gurl :)

  8. Gorgeous look Livia =)


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