China Glaze Dorothy Who?


This is China Glaze in Dorothy Who?. 2 coats; no base coat or top coat. Its a medium blue with silver sparkles, and came out with the China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection. I wore this last week, but I wanted to wait at least a week or until I got some polish chipping so I can share a good review with you all :)

I'm really impressed with China Glaze Dorothy Who?. The nail polish has a gel feel to it and applies easily. I was a bit alarmed that it was streaky with the first coat, but it evened out with a second. It dries quickly and it didn't stain my nails. It lasted 5 days until I got some tip wear. Amazing!

Although glittery nail polishes are notorious for feeling gritty and being difficult to remove, I had no such problems with Dorothy Who?. It didn't feel gritty at all. Although it wasn't a dream to remove, it wasn't as difficult as removing removing OPI Mad Hatter nail polish, which was hell!

This is the first China Glaze nail polish I've tried, and as you can see I did some China Glaze hauling in my previous post! I chose to wear this first to match the blue denim look I've been sporting during the week. I am in-love with this colour and this nail polish formula and I urge you to try it out if you haven't yet! ♥

What do you think of this? Would you wear it?? xx


  1. Looks very pretty. Not sure I could wear it for day time, but evenings are a possibility! Thanks for the swatches! Emma


    Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


  3. A bit too sparkly for me to wear but it's lovely to look at :p

  4. that looks SOO PRETY!

    what a coincident. i painted my nails blue as well. hehe

  5. Hi! I love the color! don't you think it looks very similar to Absolutely Alice from the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection? you can check it out on my blog, I just made a review of it: http://notsoaddictedtobeauty.blogspot.com I'm feeling like trying China Glaze!! xx

  6. Ooh I'm lemming this color so much! And 5 days of wear before tip damage is pretty good, I'm wearing a CG color and it chipped the second day :( Anyways thanks for sharing this color!

  7. Looks great! Love your Blog!



  8. Woot! Now I am really looking forward to trying out my C-C-Courage!

  9. I have never tried China glaze polishes before and this polish is the one I should start with! Love that colour :)

  10. @Computergirl- You're welcome! I know it might be a little bright, but hey I think this will look good in the summer time! :)

    @Bubu- Thanks for visiting my blog!

    @Carine- Haha, thanks! xx

  11. @xbbkay- What a coincidence! ;) I don't wear blue nail polish that often, but this one's really pretty ♥

    @Naoko- I have OPI Absolutely Alice too, but I think that one looks like a darker blue compared to CG Dorothy Who. You should try out China Glaze!!xx

  12. @Abby- I'm really impressed with this one. You should fulfil your lemmings and try this one out! ;)

    @Ashleigh- It really is xx

    @Ancia- Thanks for visiting my blog!x

    @Imo- This is DEFINITELY a good colour to start with! ;)

  13. This colour is just gorgeous!! So pretty and sparkly!! And how could not love a name like that :)

  14. HOw do you remove your nail polishes? what do you use?? I always have trouble with glitters =(

  15. @Violet- Um, I have no fancy method of removing glittery nail polishes. I just get a cotton wool, soak it in np remover, and scrub. :)


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