TAGS: Happy 101, The Haute Mess, Beautiful Blogger & I love Your Blog Awards!

These are four long overdue Tags! - I'm sorry but I've just been so busy! But now I have the time :) I thank the wonderful bloggers who nominated me for the awards. Here are my answers and the friends I pass them on to ♥

I was tagged this by the beautiful Stacey from Girls are made from sugar and spice ... ♥. The rules of this tag are ~

"Post 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, link back to the person who awarded you and pass along for up to ten people."

So here 10 things that make me happy! ♥

Being with people I love ~ My family, friends and the bf!
Watching no-brainer movies like coms, rom-coms ~ such a great way to relax! I don't understand those who like watching movies that require so much thinking lol x
Eating. I love food. It doesn't help that I have a fast metabolism! I have to munch on something every 2 hours!
Makeup. New Makeup. MAC. I love looking at new collections and getting a little something from each too.
Receiving gifts - Who wouldn't be happy with that?? :)
Dancing makes me happy~ I always feel good after a dance session, gives me endorphins! I'm a bellydancer~! ♥
Watching the sunset at the beach ~
Playing role playing games like the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and other squaresoft games~
Things that make me go AwwWWww - make me happy :) ♥
♥ Last but not the least, blogging makes me happy! It feels so great being able to meet all of you wonderful people and learn from each other too! xx

For this tag, I nominate ~

Bea from http://shinelikeastarrr.blogspot.com/
Cristina from http://barbieluvsmac.blogspot.com/
Jacquelyn from http://fabdiva20.blogspot.com/
J-Ezzy from http://apetitediva.blogspot.com/
Khris from http://randomnesswithkhris.blogspot.com/
Marce from http://eltrendebelleza.blogspot.com/
♥ Mediterranean X from http://mediterraneanx.blogspot.com/
♥ MW from http://mikywilsmakeup.blogspot.com/
♥ Valentine Devlieghere from http://ptitevalentine-be.blogspot.com/
♥ Yumiko from http://yumikomura.blogspot.com/

--- ♥ ---

These two tags are pretty similar so I've done them both in one. I was tagged by the beautiful Kelly from Plane Beauty and the gorgeous Peachykeen from Beauty has no label. The rules are to share 7 random things about yourself! And to pass them to 7 people. Here are my 7 random things ~

1. I had braces but I didn't want my overbite removed (so I still have it lol!)
2. I love eating crabs and shrimps though I'm allergic to them. I take my anti-allergy tablets beforehand!
3. I like dipping fresh warm salty and crispy McDonald's fries in McDonald's vanilla ice-cream. It really tastes good together, you should try it!
4. I also enjoy eating chocolate with potato crisps at the same time.
5. I shared this in a previous tag, but I've had a pet chicken before.
6. I have hyperacidity issues and need to take Gaviscon when studying for stressful exams!
7. I get grumpy when I'm hungry. Lol.

I just realised that 5 out of 7 random stuff I thought have something to do with my stomach! Although I do use my teeth to eat, and the chicken was eventually eaten (I was so shocked then), so that would make it all 7 to do with food. My bf thinks my stomach rules me, which I used to deny, but now I'll have to say its probably true. Well here are my pretties I tag! Feel free to take both tags, or to chose one!

♥ Becky from http://iambeautiful20.blogspot.com/
♥ Bowsnhearts from http://bowsnhearts.blogspot.com/
♥ Bunnie from http://bunniebar.com/
♥ Graphology from http://beauty-forest.blogspot.com/
♥ Katie from http://stuffonyourface.blogspot.com/
♥ Scarlettholly from http://jolielaidegirl.blogspot.com/
♥ tris1978ton from http://thegirlieblog.blogspot.com/

--- ♥ ---

The lovely Bea from http://shinelikeastarrr.blogspot.com/ also granted me this award. Rules are to pass it to 15 other bloggers, so I pass it to all the girls I've mentioned in this post! ♥

Hope you enjoyed reading this! :) Let me know what you think ;) ♥


  1. I laso tagged you the happy award, but you didn't reply to my message. :|

  2. @Bea- I'm sorry I couldn't find your comment when I was looking for it! Thanks :)

  3. hey livia! thanks for the award ^_^ greatly appreciated. and yes that was a belly dancing waist thing..lol.
    <3 yumi

  4. Thank you for tagging :-), i got this award and i write you in the list of people who taged me.

  5. awww i learned so much about you through this post! i just watched your belly dancing video... you hottie!!

    ditto to food... i <3 food lol. i KNOW my stomach rules me, and im quite fine with that haha


  6. Thanks for the tag Livia!

    I love prawns as well and I have a mild reaction to them...I break out a bit but they are like my favourite food.

    How do you have a pet chicken?

    I really like little chicks but don't them as much when they grow up into chickens.

  7. Thanks for tagging me! :) I hope i did it right as this was my first one!


  8. @yumiko- you're welcome! I can recognize a standard belly belt anywhere LOL!

  9. @yumiko- you're welcome! I can recognize a standard belly belt anywhere LOL!

  10. @graphology- a lot of these tags are going around aren't they? Xxx

  11. @LolAnne- haha I'm glad you enjoyed this post! I'm happy I'm not the only one I know whose stomach takes over her body LOL xxxx

  12. @bowsnhearts- you're welcome! My lips get swollen and puffy, n I get itchy after eating prawns without meds! My dad was given a grown chicken once by one of his patients and u claimed it as my pet. Little did I know that the chicken was meant to be eaten a week later.. I was 5-6 then I think! :)

  13. you deserve all those awards~! :3

  14. Awww, thanks hon! How are you? I loved reading your list, I kept it quite simple! No problem that you like food, LOL I'll have to whip up a bit of courage to try the chips and icecream combo! XO

  15. Thank you for tagging me,
    I'll do the haute one as I have already done the beautiful blogger one :D

    Lots of love,

  16. Awesome!! Thanks for tagging me girl! I did this tag and it's awesome!!!

  17. thanks for tagging me hun ,lots of love
    xo mw


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