Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Need Your Help! ♥ ♥

Hi everyone! I can't believe it! My exams are finally over! I feel soo relieved. So much beauty sleep needs to be done lol, and so much blogging too!!. My mole days are finally over!! How have you all been??? ♥

Well I opened my Inbox and got so excited! I can't believe it. Someone nominated me for  BeautyJudge UK Beauty Blog & Vlog Awards 2010 in “The Beauty Leader Award” category  for bloggers with over 500 people subscribed. Thank you so much whoever nominated me, and thank you so much everyone for following! It is such an honor to have you nice people on my blog, and to be nominated this award! and I would love to have a chance at it winning it, Please please vote for me =)

Please click on the photo to vote! 

My voting id is BLA1018 ! I'd love to have the award badge on my blog, and some money that comes with winning too (£75)! You don't need to sign up to vote, but you'll have to if you want to win the Voter's prize!

This is so exciting. Please vote for me! ♥


  1. Congrats girl...u deserve it! Will definitely vote for u

  2. @Cynthia Zacharica- Thank you so much! =)

  3. I voted for you :) Good luck! :)

  4. congrats, good luck! i vote for you

  5. Congratulations and you have my vote. Good Luck!!!

  6. awww congrats on the nomination!!! i voted... hope you winnn!!


  7. WOW!
    Congratulations on the nomination.
    I just came across your blog & Im enjoying the reads. Well deserved nomination & Ill definitely vote :) & follow

    Keep up the great blogging.
    PS. I just got back from London a few months ago. absolutely loved it there.

    Jess Mai

  8. Wow, congrats and good luck =D

  9. I voted, but passed on the prize. Although, I am getting low on carmex..I should ahve continued. =)

    Good luck!

  10. Good luck sure rock enuf to win!!!

  11. woohoo! congrats! i just voted for you, my fingers are crossed!!! :)


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