OPI Mini Nail Lacquers inspired by Alice in Wonderland ~!!

I've been meaning to share these with you last month, but I was so busy with my exams! I got this set of the OPI Mini Nail Lacquers inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Its amazing how many Alice in Wonderland inspired collections there are now! OPI, Urban Decay, Paul & Joe~~ I wish MAC had one too! Well anyway, keep reading for more photos! ♥

Absolutely Alice is a medium blue with blue reflects.

Thanks So Muchness is a medium sparkly red.

Off with her Red is a creamy red, no sparkle in this one!

Mad Hatter is just a mad colour! It has a lot of different coloured sparkles, but is predominantly silver in colour.

And this pic just shows how small they are!

They definitely are minis lol. They're so cute though! :) x

The two reds are easy to dupe, but I love my red nail polishes! Absolutely Alice is really pretty. Mad Hatter is a very unique colour, but I doubt I'll wear it much. Its just not as pretty as the others in my honest opinion! :)

What do you think? ♥


  1. Minis are often times more practical to get and I agree, the Mad Hatter is not as pretty as the others. ;D

    Check out / follow my blog!;D
    ...and everything under the sun!

  2. So cute! I love the 2 blue toned glittery ones

  3. nice blog! :D I LIKE IT

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    nice weekend & kisssssss from germany ;*)

  4. i love the last one ,its actually my fave !!!
    xo mw

  5. I've been hunting for Mad Hatter and I can't find it anywhere here in Jamaica!! I wanted to use it as a top layer on a flat color....ah well, I will have to keep hutning.

  6. wow im loving the second red.. the darker deep red.. sexyyy

  7. the blue looks very pretty. i Love sparkly nail polishes :D

    please do a swatch when you get the chance!

  8. They are so minis lol but honestly I barely finish a nail polish so I don't think it's a bad thing lol and it's so adorable =)

  9. I really like Absolutely Alice and Mad As A Hatter though. I am the opposite of you...I actually prefer Mad As A Hatter more...probably because I don't have a silver glittery nail polish?

    I haven't got any of them yet but my friend said that she has bought Mad As A Hatter for me and will mail it over to me from overseas.

    Can't wait!

  10. The blue one looks amazing !

  11. Pretty colours - i like the two ones with the glitter

  12. @Marie- Minis are definitely more practical! I don't recall ever finishing a full size nail polish~! :)

  13. @Cynthia Zacharica.- Yep, they're pretty ♥

  14. @dressed to please- Thank you for visiting my blog ^^

  15. @jamaicanfoodie- eBay is a good place to look :D

  16. @tris1978ton- Me too! I ♥ glittery nails! :)

  17. @Alexia Pham- I love red nail polishes too :)

  18. @xbbkay- They are really pretty! I will post swatches when I can xx

  19. @Hollywood- I've barely finished a nail polish too! I'm glad I got these minis instead of the full sized ones :)

  20. @bowsnhearts- I don't have another silver glittery nail polish either. Mad As A Hatter is an interesting colour. :) Glad to hear your friend bought you one from overseas!! x


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