MAC Glamour for All Lipglass

Glamour For All lipglass is the only thing I got from the MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes collection. The rest of the products didn't appeal to me at all. I felt a lot of the collection was dupe-able, or that the neutrals just didn't work out for my warm skin tone. I liked the Warm and Cozy collection much better, but that's because the colours were neutral and warm. Keep reading for my review and swatches!

Glamour for All is a pale milky pink lipglass. It has very fine shimmers. It kind of looks like a cremesheen glass, but a bit thicker and as sticky as a standard MAC lipglass. Its a nice lipglass to wear over pale lipsticks and smokey eyes. MAC doesn't seem to come up with colours like these often, so I felt it was unique enough to pick up. Here are swatches!

Glamour For All lipglass

Feelin Dreamy, Boy Bait, Glamour for All, Pastel Emotion

Did you pick this lipgloss up? What did you get from the All Ages All Races All Sexes collection? ♥


  1. All I got from this collection was Banshee eyeshadow. The rest was a bit, meh. That lipgloss is very pretty, but I'm not really into my pale lips x

  2. b/c of you I am officially picking this up next time I'm at MAC!!!!

    I LOOOOVE this!!!

  3. @Kelly/PlaneBeauty- Yeah this collection was quite boring. I didn't like the fall out from Banshee, though it did look really pretty in the pan. =)

  4. @J-Ezzy- Aww, I'm happy to help! :) xx

  5. i like that colour def something i would gravitate towards !!

    xo mw

  6. I actually wanted to get that one! I ended up getting Feeling Dreamy.. but think I might go back today to MAC because I have to buy foundation and powder.. lol..

  7. Gosh that is such a pretty color! I love the effects of lip glass.

  8. Glamour for all really does seem like a great colour to wear with smokey eyes. I haven't got anything from MAC for a while but I really do love this colour. I will have a look next time I pop over to a MAC counter.

  9. I didn't get anything from this collection since I passed on it. I prefer Warm & Cozy over All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection.


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