MAC By Candlelight MSF & Warm Me Up Lipstick Review + Swatches!

I finally got these two from my friend! I asked her to buy them for me when she went to America last December, but we've been so busy revising for finals that everything got held off, and I just recently got these from her. They are MAC's By Candlelight mineralized skin finish and Warm Me Up lipstick from the Warm and Cozy collection. I really liked that collection of everyday neutral colours! Well keep reading for my review & swatches xx

By Candlelight mineralized skinfinish is a shimmery peachy champagne colour. This would make a pretty highlight colour, or a cheek colour if applied with a stippling brush!

Warm Me Up lipstick is a peachy-pink that makes a great nude colour.

Both of these products are gorgeous. Very pretty and wearable shades! I love them ♥ Here are more photos and then swatches!

What do you think? Do you have either of these?


  1. I got By Candlelight MSF and love it! It's the most gorgeous thing ever. I was going to get Warm Me Up lipstick but didn't think it would look good on my skintones. Such a shame as it's a beautiful lippie!

  2. i saw by candlelight and i wanted it so bad,but i promise myself i wouldnt buy anything -im on a tight budget so no by candlelight for me boo hoo

    xo mw

  3. thank you for the swatch! by candlelight is such a pretty colour!

  4. Hey chick, just got your comment on my blog - I sent out your eyeliners the day after the Paypal transaction went through - a good few weeks ago and I thought everyone had received their items.

    They were sent 1st class so I can't even track the package... I'm not really sure what you do about lost mail. The only other time I've had a problem with a blog sale item going missing, it was recorded so we could track it.

    The other girls received their items around the 10th-14th Feb - have you been getting your other mail ok?


  5. @Kelly- By Candlelight is very pretty! And yes, I can see that Warm Me Up might not suit cooler skinned beauties, but it does look good on warmer/tanner skintones! :)

  6. @MW- Aww, but I'm sure MAC will bring out another similar one probably within this year! So don't worry about it x

  7. @Nicol- You're welcome! By Candlelight is gorgeous! Are you picking it up??x

  8. I love the lipstick...the MSF looks like it might be too light for my skin to show up properly.

  9. I wanted By Candlelight so bad!!! By the time I was able to get to the mall though -- all sold out ;_; Sad for me, good for my pocketbook!!!

    I hear it's gorgeous - a great highlighter!

  10. it looks like a lovely color... wonder if it'll complement my skintone?

    ps. check out my new blog: http://diyainherstilettos.blogspot.com/

  11. lovely stuff you got there hun!

  12. I <3 By Candlelight! The color is beautiful..

    Following you :-)



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