Lip Swatches: MAC Cremeblend Blushes in Joie-de-Vivre & So Sweet So Easy

NOTICE: For UK gals, the MAC in Lillyland collection will only be an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - I was told by an MA. So if you want something, you better order it now before its gone~!!

These cremeblend blushes from the MAC in Lillyland Collection can be used on both cheeks AND lips so I wanted to share with you lip swatches of these.

So Sweet So Easy

Joie-de-Vivre after the jump!


Joie-de-Vivre & So Sweet So Easy

What do you think? Would you use them on your lips? ♥

Ps. I'm so happy I've found a new use for my MAC 239 brush! I decided a few months ago that it was really too big to use on my lids - boo :( And it was just left aside all this time.. and then Eureka! I thought to use it on my lips and I'm so happy I now have a good lip brush :) Haha. ♥


  1. ooh, they look good on you. are they drying at all though? everytime I use a blush or tint on my lips it feels flaky after a while...

  2. @scarlettholly- actually now that you mentioned it, they do feel a bit dry. I put lip balm before, it helps but my lips still feel dry after a while =)

  3. Pretty! I was thinking about getting a cremeblend blush but right now I told myself to skip MAC in Lillyland since Spring Colour Forecast has consumed me lol I have the perfect lip balm that you should try. It's called Qtica Intense Repair Lip Balm. It's amazing!! I don't know if they ship it internationally but check out the website if they do: http://www.qtica.com

  4. ahhh im not supposed to be shopping. online OR offline but those colors are sooooo gorg!! I LOVE pink lip stuff. I would definitely use it on my lips. I'm not very good with using creme blushes!


  5. omg wo! i never thought to use em on the lips! great idea


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