Lip Swatch: MAC Siss Lipstick

This is MAC Siss lipstick. Its a golden beige colour. Creamy and opaque satin finish. It was in the permanent range, but I heard its been discontinued. It was promoted in the MAC Warm and Cozy collection. One of my favourite nude lipsticks!! ♥

MAC Siss lipstick

What's your favourite nude lipstick?? ♥


  1. Siss looks beautiful on you...do you wear lip balm underneath or do you just wear it alone? I was just curious because I have it, but it's way too yellow brown on me; instead of a nice golden beige, it's more like a peanut butter mixed with mustard when I wear it. It seems to look great on everyone else no matter what their skintone, so I must be doing something wrong.

    I guess it's not a true nude since it's on the pinky side, but I love Creme Cup. For a darker nude I like Cherish :).

  2. Its a gorgeous colour, is it much darker than the creme de nude Lipstick?

  3. @tiff- Hi tiff, I do prime my lips with lip balm but I blot it just before applying so I don't think my balm colour affects the overall shade that much. What mac shade are you? I think it might appear more yellow on those with fairer skin and pinkier undertones, where as I'm nc25-30 with very yellow undertones so it looks just the right nude on me =) I've seen reviews on YouTube where siss looks brownish mustardy on them, but I think they're fairer than I am with pinky undertones x

    I've heard a lot about creme cup! I really better check that one out! Cherish too! Thanks xx

  4. @graphology- yes siss is definitely darker than creme d nude. I remember swatching that at the mac store once and it was too light and washed me out :(

  5. Siss looks good on you. Patisserie is my favorite nude lipstick ever!

  6. Looks like a pretty color. I've been looking for a nice nude color too.

  7. Hey I love this! I love nude lipsticks very much!

    This one looks very creamy!

  8. Hey!

    I really like your blog, and so I nominated you for an award :)



  9. Siss looks so nice on you! I really like MAC's Myth and Revlon's Nude Attitude! I'm dying to get my hands on some more MAC nudes though; Myth is my only one! :(

  10. Looks great on you, although I fear that it would be too dark for me!
    Great shade though!


  11. That's a really pretty look

  12. Love this color on you hun :)


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