2 Newly-Found Skincare Products that I Love! ♥

I'm so thrilled to share with you 2 products that practically saved my skin this winter! Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Moisture Lotion for Extra Dry Skin and Skin MD Natural. I feel that this winter really hit my skin hard. My skin became all fussy and irritable, and I developed allergies to the Revale products I've been using since about 6 months ago! :( The skin on my face began to feel tight after using Revale facial wash, and I broke out from my Revale day creams & night creams. I came across Curel Moisture Lotion & Skin MD Natural and decided to try them out. Lo and behold, I was saved!! Keep reading for my reviews of the products. x

Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Moisture Lotion is a thick white lotion that quickly dries and is well absorbed by the skin, leaving your skin so smooth and soft! Not sticky at all! It has a pleasant smell that reminds me of oranges. It doesn't block pores so it doesn't cause me any spots, and I find that it actually heals my spots whenever I get them! It has extra-strength hydrators that keep my skin pretty much moisturised for the whole day. I love this to bits. Since its pretty strong at moisturising, I use this during the day when my skin is exposed to the harsh weather outside. I wish I tried this sooner!! Definitely a miracle product for me. If only it had SPF too!

Skin MD Natural, I find, is a runnier version of the Curel Lotion above. It is not as hydrating so it can leave some dry patches on your skin if you don't reapply, but it also quickly dries and is well absorbed. It doesn't cause me any spots either. It is not as thick and hydrating as Curel, so its not strong enough for winter days, but its great for using at night as I tend to wake up with slightly oiler skin. I use this as my night cream on my face now, and my skin feels so smooth and soft when I wake up. I love this product!

I use these both in my daily routine. After washing my face and applying my toner, I wait about half a minute and then apply Curel during the day or Skin MD Natural at night. I only use about pea-sized amounts of each since a little definitely goes a long way! I place dots on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, and spread the lotion quite quickly since they both dry moderately fast. My skin loves this new skincare regimen, however I feel its grown pretty dependent on it! I experimented and stopped using this regimen for 2 days, and I actually broke out on my cheek! Once I resumed this, my spots started to heal and my skin became lot better. I couldn't believe how quickly my skin changed on withdrawing and re-introducing the products. It's scary!

Well I hope that helped. I'm sure you've seen Skin MD Natural floating about the different blogs, but it really is a great product that I hope you'll be able to check out! :)

Are there any miracle skincare products you've discovered?? ♥

Disclaimer: Some products in this review were sent for consideration by PR. This review is totally honest! ♥


  1. I've also reviewed the shielding lotion-found the same results as you, it's been really great for my skin and perfect because it doesn't break me out. I also have a free bottle up for grabs on my blog.

  2. Hello, you have some beautiful prizes in my blog, but I'm a fan of yours. I love your looks, I really like your Mac purchases, so you know goes for your prize.

  3. great review~ I definitly plan to try out the curel!

  4. @PINK HAIRED PRINCESS- I'm happy you liked it too! :)

    @veronica- Thank you for the award!x

    @Sara- Glad to help! I hope you're able to try Curel!x


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