Warm Me Up lipstick is a pinky/peachy nude colour. A bit difficult for me to describe :p MAC describes it as mid-tone neutral pink in an Amplified Creme formula. I love this lipstick! It's so creamy, opaque and natural looking. I can see myself wearing this everyday ♥

Here's a quick look I did just for doing a few errands~~

Eeek! Peeking bra strap!

All by MAC: Relaxed shadestick on lashlines, Optimistic Orange cremeblend blush on cheeks and Warm Me Up lipstick on lips ♥

I just started using Optimistic Orange cremeblend blush and I love it. It gives such a nice peachy glow to the cheeks! Relaxed shadestick - I use this pretty much everyday when I'm in a rush.

What do you think? ♥


Lip Swatch: MAC Warm Me Up Lipstick & Quick Look!

I finally got these two from my friend! I asked her to buy them for me when she went to America last December, but we've been so busy revising for finals that everything got held off, and I just recently got these from her. They are MAC's By Candlelight mineralized skin finish and Warm Me Up lipstick from the Warm and Cozy collection. I really liked that collection of everyday neutral colours! Well keep reading for my review & swatches xx

By Candlelight mineralized skinfinish is a shimmery peachy champagne colour. This would make a pretty highlight colour, or a cheek colour if applied with a stippling brush!

Warm Me Up lipstick is a peachy-pink that makes a great nude colour.

Both of these products are gorgeous. Very pretty and wearable shades! I love them ♥ Here are more photos and then swatches!

What do you think? Do you have either of these?


MAC By Candlelight MSF & Warm Me Up Lipstick Review + Swatches!

I'm so thrilled to share with you 2 products that practically saved my skin this winter! Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Moisture Lotion for Extra Dry Skin and Skin MD Natural. I feel that this winter really hit my skin hard. My skin became all fussy and irritable, and I developed allergies to the Revale products I've been using since about 6 months ago! :( The skin on my face began to feel tight after using Revale facial wash, and I broke out from my Revale day creams & night creams. I came across Curel Moisture Lotion & Skin MD Natural and decided to try them out. Lo and behold, I was saved!! Keep reading for my reviews of the products. x

Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Moisture Lotion is a thick white lotion that quickly dries and is well absorbed by the skin, leaving your skin so smooth and soft! Not sticky at all! It has a pleasant smell that reminds me of oranges. It doesn't block pores so it doesn't cause me any spots, and I find that it actually heals my spots whenever I get them! It has extra-strength hydrators that keep my skin pretty much moisturised for the whole day. I love this to bits. Since its pretty strong at moisturising, I use this during the day when my skin is exposed to the harsh weather outside. I wish I tried this sooner!! Definitely a miracle product for me. If only it had SPF too!

Skin MD Natural, I find, is a runnier version of the Curel Lotion above. It is not as hydrating so it can leave some dry patches on your skin if you don't reapply, but it also quickly dries and is well absorbed. It doesn't cause me any spots either. It is not as thick and hydrating as Curel, so its not strong enough for winter days, but its great for using at night as I tend to wake up with slightly oiler skin. I use this as my night cream on my face now, and my skin feels so smooth and soft when I wake up. I love this product!

I use these both in my daily routine. After washing my face and applying my toner, I wait about half a minute and then apply Curel during the day or Skin MD Natural at night. I only use about pea-sized amounts of each since a little definitely goes a long way! I place dots on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, and spread the lotion quite quickly since they both dry moderately fast. My skin loves this new skincare regimen, however I feel its grown pretty dependent on it! I experimented and stopped using this regimen for 2 days, and I actually broke out on my cheek! Once I resumed this, my spots started to heal and my skin became lot better. I couldn't believe how quickly my skin changed on withdrawing and re-introducing the products. It's scary!

Well I hope that helped. I'm sure you've seen Skin MD Natural floating about the different blogs, but it really is a great product that I hope you'll be able to check out! :)

Are there any miracle skincare products you've discovered?? ♥

Disclaimer: Some products in this review were sent for consideration by PR. This review is totally honest! ♥


2 Newly-Found Skincare Products that I Love! ♥

I already blogged about MAC's So Sweet So Easy and Joie-de-Vivre cremeblend blushes before, and now I'm sharing to you swatches of Optimistic Orange and Florida blushes.

Like the other two cremeblend blushes, these are so smooth to apply & pigmented. They're not as sticky as the standard blushcremes from MAC, rather they feel gel-like and give a sheen where applied like you're 'glowing'! Florida & Joie-de-Vivre look really bright in their pans, so you only need to take a little amount of colour on your brush at a time to build it to the intensity you want! Another reason why I like these is that you can use them on your lips. I will post lip swatches of these two in a later post when I have the time! ♥

Florida is a bright hot pink.

Optimistic Orange is a true orange, shows up a nice coral on the skin.

I imagine these will look especially great in the summertime! ♥

Now for swatches on NC25/NC30 skin.

See that lovely sheen? :)

What do you think? Did you purchase any of these? ♥


MAC Cremeblend Blushes Optimistic Orange & Florida Review & Swatches


The nail polish I'm sporting this week is OPI's Mad Hatter nail polish inspired by Disney's Alice in Wonderland, which by the way is coming out in theatres soon! I can't wait! :)

OPI Mad Hatter nail polish is super-sparkly multicoloured glitter (predominantly silver) embedded in a clear polish, so it may look patchy without a few more coats. I'm wearing 2 coats in the picture, and you can see bits of uncovered nails. Its a very unique colour, I'm unsure about my feelings with this one. Its not the vampy or girly look I usually like for nails. But it does look awesome with dark blue denim jeans! This is also the first time I've put on nail polishes made by OPI, and I love it! Its fast drying, which is great for *occasionally absent-minded* people like me, who tend to forget they've just put on nail polish that needs drying first lol! :)

What do you think about this nail polish? ♥

PS. I heard from Specktra that MAC Spring Colour Forecast & Too Fabulous collections - as well as the new Viva Glams - are going to be released in the UK on the first Thursday of March, that's NEXT WEEK!! I'm quite excited, and partially dreading it too. I'm gonna be broke lol! For you ladies who've Spring Colour Forecast and the new Viva Glams, what are your 3 must-have products? :)


OPI Mad Hatter Nail Polish

I wore this look last weekend to a birthday dinner of one of my friends! I wanted a look with neutral colours that's a bit smokey, a bit sultry. Well I hope you like it! :)

I used:

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
MAC eyeshadows in Magic Dust (light yellow gold, highlight), Smut (dark brown, crease), Woodwinked (golden bronze, lid)
MAC Feline eye kohl (rich black, upper lash line)
Urban Decay liner in Zero (black, waterline & lower lash line)
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara with Serum Inside Lash Primer
Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara
MAC Spiked brow pencil

MAC Prep n Prime Face
MAC MSF Natural
MAC Moon River blush (shimmery pale pink)
MAC Pearl cream colour base (highlight)

MAC Oak lip pencil
MAC Colour Crafted lipstick

Please excuse the oily face! I took these photos at the end of the night ♥

We had dinner at the Hare & Tortoise around Russell Square, and then had dessert at Ciao in Leicester Square! I really like that place. Their ice creams are really tasty, with big servings and really affordable too! I've been there a few times before, and I was always curious about the Spaghetti ice cream. I never ordered it before because I always thought they looked like a bunch worms lol... But I finally took the plunge and ordered it!

And it was actually really tasty! The noodles are made of vanilla ice cream, the sauce was raspberry (or was it strawberry?) syrup, and the cheese toppings were white chocolate! How cool is that?? I loved it! Might order this one again next time. ♥

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think ;) xx


LOOK: Smokey Golden Bronze & Spaghetti Ice Cream! ♥

I've been meaning to share these with you last month, but I was so busy with my exams! I got this set of the OPI Mini Nail Lacquers inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Its amazing how many Alice in Wonderland inspired collections there are now! OPI, Urban Decay, Paul & Joe~~ I wish MAC had one too! Well anyway, keep reading for more photos! ♥

Absolutely Alice is a medium blue with blue reflects.

Thanks So Muchness is a medium sparkly red.

Off with her Red is a creamy red, no sparkle in this one!

Mad Hatter is just a mad colour! It has a lot of different coloured sparkles, but is predominantly silver in colour.

And this pic just shows how small they are!

They definitely are minis lol. They're so cute though! :) x

The two reds are easy to dupe, but I love my red nail polishes! Absolutely Alice is really pretty. Mad Hatter is a very unique colour, but I doubt I'll wear it much. Its just not as pretty as the others in my honest opinion! :)

What do you think? ♥


OPI Mini Nail Lacquers inspired by Alice in Wonderland ~!!

MAC Glamour for All lipglass is a limited edition lipgloss from the MAC All Ages, All Races All Sexes collection.

Do you like it? What do you think? ♥

PS MAC UK offers free shipping now until Sunday! Use the code SHIPFEB at checkout :) xx


Lip Swatch: MAC Glamour For All Lipglass

Glamour For All lipglass is the only thing I got from the MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes collection. The rest of the products didn't appeal to me at all. I felt a lot of the collection was dupe-able, or that the neutrals just didn't work out for my warm skin tone. I liked the Warm and Cozy collection much better, but that's because the colours were neutral and warm. Keep reading for my review and swatches!

Glamour for All is a pale milky pink lipglass. It has very fine shimmers. It kind of looks like a cremesheen glass, but a bit thicker and as sticky as a standard MAC lipglass. Its a nice lipglass to wear over pale lipsticks and smokey eyes. MAC doesn't seem to come up with colours like these often, so I felt it was unique enough to pick up. Here are swatches!

Glamour For All lipglass

Feelin Dreamy, Boy Bait, Glamour for All, Pastel Emotion

Did you pick this lipgloss up? What did you get from the All Ages All Races All Sexes collection? ♥


MAC Glamour for All Lipglass

The bf and I celebrated our Valentine's Day early on Friday the 12th of February as opposed to the 14th. Here's the look I wore on our special day! I used mainly items from the MAC Colour Craft collection. It's sweet and girly ~ The bf really liked it! And guess what he got me for Valentine's Day?? Well you don't really need to guess, its on the title! He got me the new MAC 130 brush! I was so thrilled. He got me the 188, and now this! I'm so happy, I can't believe it! He's such a sweetie ♥ Anyway, continue reading for my look, my day and a brush review :) xx

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
MAC Girlish Romp eyeshadow quad: White (highlight), Lavender (crease), Pink (lid), Peach (inner lid)
MAC Feline eye kohl
Usual Lash Primer & Mascara

MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
MAC MSF Natural
MAC So Sweet So Easy cremeblend blush

MAC Oak lip pencil
MAC Colour Crafted lipstick

We met after he finished uni and we walked around Oxford Street for a bit, went to GAME to look for new video games, and then ate out at one of my ever favourite restaurants - Las Iguanas in Soho.

We had the usual: 3 Tapas - Champinones, Quesadillas and Nachos. A few drinks, and we also tried this new dish called Chilli. I didn't like it as much as what we always order, but it was worth a try. Too much tomato sauce. :)

After that, Selfridges was still open and we decided to drop by. And I was so thrilled - he got me the MAC 130 brush! So here's my short review!

The MAC 130 brush is a flat toppped duo fibre brush. The bristles are firm but soft. It's more dense than the 188 brush, and its white bristles are also much shorter. I've heard that this brush is good for applying foundation, ensuring an 'air-brushed' finish with enough buffing, but I think it may also be good at contouring since the shape kinda reminds me of the MAC 109 brush, which used to be my contouring brush! I don't contour my cheeks any more which is why 'it used to be'. I think this brush may also be good for applying blush, since its small enough, creme or powder blushes. I'm so excited to have this, I couldn't stop smiling through the night because he bought it for me, but mainly because he actually remembered that I wanted this! It makes me really happy when people remember my wishlists lol. xx Well anyway, onto more pictures :)

MAC 130, MAC 188

MAC 130, MAC 188

I hope you enjoyed this post! How did your Valentine's Day go? ♥


Valentine's Day: My Look, Day, & New MAC 130 Brush! ♥

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