LOOK: Soft Neutrals with Warm and Cozy

Here's my first look using products from the MAC Warm and Cozy collection! All neutral colours. Funny that this is one of those 'natural' looks that takes a bit of makeup to work haha. I also used my newly acquired Maybelline eyeliner! Its a gorgeous colour, and so smooth to apply! I'm so happy with it. Anyway, enjoy ~! ♥

I used:

MAC Rubenesque paint pot (gold, all over lid as base)
MAC MSFN in Medium Dark & Pearl cream colour base to highlight
MAC eyeshadows in Vanilla (cream, lid), Evening Aura (pale peach-gold duochrome, outer crease) & Modelette (caramel, inner crease)
Maybelline Brown Gleam eye kohl
L'oreal Double Extension mascara primer
Maybelline Collosal Volume mascara

MAC Spiked brow pencil

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer
MAC MSFN in Medium Plus & Medium Dark
MAC So Ceylon MSF (rose-bronze, cheeks)

MAC Cork lip pencil
MAC Siss lipstick
MAC Feeling Dreamy lipglass

On the phone to the bf, I'm so vain lol!

With two of my favourite lippies! Siss lipstick and Feeling Dreamy lipglass!

And did you notice my new blue contacts? They're Flex Wear Emotions in the shade Riviera

I hope you enjoyed this look! What do you think?!!


  1. i love it. Fresh looking fotd! :D
    btw, i have an award waiting for you. Please do check out my blog. Thanks hun! Hugs!

  2. o girl! I fell in love with you!
    And you look so cute.
    btw i love nude lips <3

  3. I LOVE this look! So pretty!

  4. i love the lipstick! GORGEOUS colour. I have to go get it now..hehe

  5. i'm going through a phase of the natural look, and you seriously hit it bang on! looks gorgeous, especially the lip and face colours.
    Michelle X

  6. I love the entire look...the makeup, the blue lenses and the hair!! You look like a princess!!

  7. You always look great, even when you're experimenting with new stuff.

  8. You pulled off neutral eyes with nude lips! How awesome!
    I now want to get the maybelline eyeliners so much but they're not available here. sigh :(

  9. I just got the warm me up lipstick...now you make me wanna moreeeeeeeeee IoI

  10. Nice blog. I'm going to follow. Check out my blog when you get a chance as well.


  11. I really like the blue contacts, it is such a different look if the eyecolour changes but i really like it :-)

  12. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments xx Your nice words truly make me happy!! ♥♥

  13. @Bea- Thanks for the award!! xx

  14. @xbbkay- Definitely get it! I'm loving it right now :)

  15. @hkmichelley- I don't tend to go for neutrals because I just love colour so much, but I really liked this look so I might eventually convert lol xx

  16. @bowsnhearts- Thanks! I found that the blue lenses added quite a bit to this look :) I'm liking how they look!

  17. @RicAdeMus- Thank you so much! I was lucky with this look I guess x

  18. @Fifi- aww... I hope the Maybelline eyeliners eventually appear in your stores =) Or there's always eBay. Maybe you can get them from there x

  19. @Yi - I'm sorry to fuel your lemmings! Warm Me Up lipstick is gorgeous too :)

  20. @graphology- Thank you. Its really interesting how an eye colour changes looks isn't it? x

  21. So fresh! Love the lenses :D They are stunnng!

  22. So pretty! Love your contact lenses! I ordered Feeling Dreamy l/g because of you.

  23. OOh so pretty! your skin is gorgeous! Im definitely going to follow you! Check me out when you have time :)



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