LOOK: New Year's Eve Look & More Adventures~ !

I did this look for New Year's Eve, reminiscing last year's New Year collection by MAC called Chill. I really liked that collection of frosty neutrals. They were more on the pink/grey side as opposed to this year's Love Lace collection which is more on the blue side, but both are really pretty IMO. My friends and I also tried wakeboarding (boy was that difficult lol!), so I also have some photos at the end of the post :) Hope you enjoy this ~! xx

MAC Bare Study paint pot (champagne, all over lid)
MAC MSF natural in Medium (highlight)
MAC eyeshadows in Copperplate (medium grey, crease), Wintersky (frosty light pink, lid)
MAC Feline eye kohl (upper lash lines)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero (lower lash line)
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara with Serum Inside Primer
Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara
MAC Spiked brow pencil

MAC MSF natural in Medium & Medium Dark
MAC Pink Swoon blush (pink) & MAC Moon River blush (shimmery light pink) - apples
MAC Pearl cream colour base (highlight)

MAC Plink! lipstick (light pink)

This is myself and my friend Mimi celebrating New Year's Eve!

I did her eye makeup, which was a subtle smokey eye, using Electra (silver) eyeshadow on the lid and Moth Brown (purple-grey) eyeshadow on the crease. Everyone loved it :)

And here are some photos at Dake Wakeboarding~! (still in Davao City!)

This is me... starting to wakeboard. I didn't last very long so I don't have any actual pics standing up lol!

There were some really cool Korean wakeboarders there... This guy was doing so many stunts and flips! He was awesome~!!

The newbie crew ♥

And here are a few shots I took while the sun was setting~

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think xx


  1. nice fresh faced

  2. oh, i love your brows very polish!

    ya i can tell that its tough to get hold of the skills to stay above water. can't imagine myself trying out!

    good try gal..

  3. @Sizbelle- Thank you! I've run out of my MAC Lingering brow pencil recently so I've been using the much darker MAC Spiked instead, which I'm starting to like. I still miss my lighter coloured one though!

    It's hard but I'd love to try wakeboarding again :) I've tanned so much too!

  4. aww you went super natural for new years! My makeup was super dramatic and dark LOLL :) you still look very beautiful though! ^_^

  5. @lindah- Yes lol, I had neutral makeup for a change... my company for new years already saw me wearing dramatic makeup so I wanted to change it a bit so they don't give me a label as the girl who only wears dramatic looks lol! ;) x

  6. but seems like the effect of the darker one looks pretty good on you! mayeb you can match your brows with diff e/s look.

    ya the pics tell me you really had great fun! guess worth the tan...

    i have not really compare illamasqua against mac as i'm still a newbie for mac stuffs. so need a bit more time to compare them.

    btw, just wana ask you if sleek product any good?

  7. You look like Vanessa Hudgens!
    Gorgeous <3

  8. Oh I really loved the pink lips! I think I should get this lippie too:)

    And wow, I've never heard of wakeboarding before! The sunset pics look amazing!!

  9. Very pretty neutral look. I love your make up posts. They are always great and so professional.

  10. I know it's just the angle, but as you're starting your turn on the board it looks like that guy behind you is holding on to your hair!

    The sunset pics are really beautiful.

  11. hey love the look, you make wearing liner on the lower lashline very wearable. everytime i do it, it looks too much for daytime (but it's most likely that i'm not doing it right lols)

    oh and i was wondering how do u think mac's feline eye kohl fare to ud in zero? would love to see your thoughts on it. :)

  12. @sizbelle- I've only tried the eyeshadow palettes and lipliners from Sleek so far. I only recommend the eyeshadow palettes though. The shadows are really vibrant, but they're quite brittle so you'll have to use a light hand on the palette so the product doesn't crumble too much. It's good for the price though :) x

  13. @Sher- This is one of my all time fave lippies! I recommend it! :) x

  14. Thank you all for the sweet comments =D xx

  15. @RicAdeMus- Lol, I noticed that. That guy behind me was the coach and he was holding on to my back to help me lean back and stabilise me until the tug of the wakeboarding rope thing. :)

  16. @Sara- Thank you for your question! I use MAC Feline and UD Zero for different purposes. Feline is a really intense black, but it transfers and smudges on me so I only usually use it on the upper lash line. It doesn't smudge so much if I put it on top of eyeshadows. UD Zero on the other hand is a dark grey compared to the intense Feline, and it smudges less (but still smudges), but its still soft so I generally use it in the waterline or the lower lash lines.

    Both are supersoft though and glide on my eyelids. =) x

    I might make a more elaborate blog post on this matter when I have the time x

    Hope that helps! xx

  17. You have the most awesome bone structure! Look at those cheekbones!

    I have to try out the mascara for my short Asian lashes!

  18. I've nominated you for an award :) xoxo


  19. Nice simple look, yet totally gorgeous. :) You've got talent, girl!

  20. I loved your xmas and this look alot!
    Your brows always look so tamed, do you do them yourself or get them done professionaly?

  21. lovely blog and love the looks you did here. im adoring the red eyeshadow one


  22. I can't get enough of your eyes Livia!!

    and cool pics too. I think I'd be too scared to try that lol.

  23. So pretty!

    Lovely blog!


  24. your makeup is gorgeous!



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