LOOK: Neutrals with a Hint of Purple - Warm and Cozy Inspired & My Adventures!

Happy New Year everyone!!! This look is inspired by the new Warm and Cozy MAC Collection. I haven't had the chance to look at the collection because I'm away, so I used some products I already have. I wore this look out to Eden Mountain Resort! It's the second time I've stayed overnight at the mountain resort this holiday! I've also taken a few photos of our overnight stay at the end of the post. Enjoy~ ! xx

MAC Bare Study paint pot (champagne, base)
MAC MSF natural in Medium (highlight)
MAC eyeshadows in Tete-a-tint (peachy neutral, crease), Cork (medium golden-brown, lid), Satellite Dreams (purple, inner crease), Espresso (dark golden-brown, crease)
MAC Feline eye kohl (black, upper & lower lids)
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara with Serum Inside Primer
Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara
MAC Spiked brow pencil

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NW20 (undereyes), NC30 (spots)
MAC MSFN in Medium Dark
MAC Refined Golden bronzer
MAC Pearl cream colour base

MAC Pink Cabana lipstick

A few family friends and my family stayed overnight at the Eden Mountain Resort. This is where we stayed:

In the next photo, this scene reminded me of twilight! Which is why I took a photo of it lol. See the pretty moon amidst the leaves?

The weather was great so we were able to make a little fire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows! I love roasted marshmallows! Have you tried eating these?? They look burnt but they're not really lol.

The next day, the weather was still good so we were able to do more hiking and take pictures. We went to the mini-zoo area and saw some really cool birds lol. Like this!

I've forgotten what this bird was called. Any ideas? And if you visited one of my previous posts, I blogged about the pure white (albino) peacock! And this time, we were so lucky to see it open up its feathers!

It's gorgeous isn't it?

And while hiking, I was able to snatch some of these pretty photos~

Well that wraps up my post! I hope you enjoyed my look and looking at these photos too. :)

I can't believe its 2010 already!! Happy New Year to you all once again!! Hope this year will be better for all of us xx


  1. Pretty look!! I too haven't seen the Warm & Cozy collection in person so I'm dying to see them before Spring Colour Forecast. Also, the white peacock looks so pretty!!

  2. nice pics! it must be really beautiful in person! love that peacock.

  3. nice natural look..omg that peacock is so pretty ;D

  4. wowww... that last two pictures dont look real at all!! i vaca'd in the philippines last year, sadly, i never got to see sceneries like these :( we mainly stayed in the city boooo


  5. wow~! so beautiful peacocks!!^_^ nice shots of the scenery esp. the moon!! :D

    and since you follow my blog all along..you have an award from e, have your claimed it already..? its on my second post..XP

  6. Happy holiday livia!

    If you are a neutral shade lover you would heart mac warm & cozy collection... the color are really nice and easy to match everyday!

    the eye look you done is nice too! i need to learn more than relying on those jap palette instructions...

    the twilight pic you took does reminds me of the show... did you took that urself? Great scenery!

  7. The pictures are all great, from the bottom (hiking scenes) to the top (sleeping beauty). lol

    I love roasted marshmallows--I'm way overdue for some.

  8. Happy New Year! Love your FOTD here it's so simple and flattering. That white peacock is amazing, such pretty feathers!

  9. Wow...I really love your eyebrows!

    That peacock pic is awesome!

  10. I love the make-up! Your trip sounds like so much fun too. Happy new year!

  11. Very pretty, love the neutral eye make up you've done. Happy new year x

  12. It really looks natural!
    And you are really beautiful!

  13. Hi happy new year girly!
    Thanks for yr comment.
    The eye makeup looks gorgeous n I'm so j of yr lips :p...v pretty. That pic does remind me of Twilight too. Omg that peacock is sooo beautiful! Lovely pics...

  14. I felt pretty wanted to hug him

  15. the eden mountain resort looks really nice and relaxing <3

  16. Aww you look so pretty. I like that lipstick shade. I have to look for it.
    Albino peacocklooks beautiful!
    Aww and I love smores, with melted mashmellows.

  17. gorgeous eyes hun!:) love the look.:) happy new year!

  18. happy new year = )... Great pictures.. u look awesome like always

  19. All the pictures are gorgeous! You must have had an amazing time. Those marshmallows are making me hungry, haven't toasted marshmallows in years!

    I love the colour of that lipstick you've used, lovely shade of pink.

  20. Hey. Just popping but to let you know I've tagged you on my blog if you wanted to do it :)

  21. Thank you everyone~!!

    @FabDiva20- I'm excited to see the Warm & Cozy collection! But I'm not really into the Spring Colour Forecast one though :) So good for my wallet lol!

    @LOLanne- You should really travel to Davao City, so much to do, and so much to see! Manila is booring, only good for shopping IMO, did you stay there?.. x

  22. @♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫- Thank you so much for the award~! I'll go check it out :) x

    @sizbelle- Oh I can't wait to see the Warm & Cozy collection~! What did you get??. I watched the twilight films :) I really like the second one a lot! And yes I took these photos myself xx

  23. @RicAdeMus- Roasted marshies are so delicious aren't they? ;)

    @Cynthia Zacharica.- Thanks ;) I love twilight! So romantic lol x

    @freshelle- Yes it is beautiful! YOu should really visit hehe x

  24. @Kasia_B- This is one of my fav lipsticks! Its LE but I suggest you hunt it down! Lol x

    @Kelly- Thank you for the tag~! x

  25. The nude colour looks great on you, the peacock is gorgeous.

  26. wah! pretty photos liv!! :D
    the peacock is so cool :O nvr seen a white one before. haha

  27. nominated you for an award hun



  28. the picture of the moon is beautiful :D I loved the warm & cozy collection... I bought a lot of lippies! hahah :X

  29. @lindah- I love looking at that picture too! It's very pretty... and I can't wait to see the collection! I think I'm gonna love it! heheh xx


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