LOOK & HAUL: Blues with MAC Love Lace

I hauled from the tiny MAC Love Lace collection. I really thought they had beautiful eyeshadows, easy to wear for everyday on the lids. After my test last Friday, my bf and I watched Avatar, and I decided to use the blue eyeshadows I bought from MAC's Love Lace collection for my look~! Enjoy ♥

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot (matte nude, all over lid as base)
MAC eyeshadows in Seedy Pearl (white-pink duochrome, highlight), Love Lace (muted denim blue, crease) & Suave Intentions (icy blue, lid)
MAC Mystery eye kohl (dark blue, upper & lower lash lines)
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara with Serum Inside Primer
Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara
MAC Spiked brow pencil

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NW20 (undereyes) & NC30 (spots)
MAC MSFN in Medium Plus & Medium Dark
MAC Moon River blush (cheeks)

MAC Plink! lipstick

I hope you enjoyed this look! What do you think? ♥

Now onto my haul from Love Lace!!

I got Love Lace and Suave Intentions eyeshadows as mentioned in my look. They're both veluxe pearl finishes, so they're so soft and pigmented. I love them. I also bought Hypnotizing, a taupe eyeshadow with a hint of purple. It looks very similar to Illegal Cargo eyeshadow which I have from Naughty Nauticals. But its very pretty. As mentioned earlier too, all these eyeshadows are very wearable for day to day. I also bought myself Feline eye kohl, the most intense black eye pencil ever! For those of you who have been following my 'looks' before, this is not a back-up.lol. I gave my original pencil to my sister because she really wanted it, and just decided to get myself another one. Here are swatches!

Did you pick up anything from this collection? ♥

My bf and I were so happy to finally watch Avatar. We've been looking forward to it, but the tickets were always sold out as early as 2 hours before the film! Its crazy. So he booked the tickets in advance for us, and its a pleasant treat post-exam too last Friday. My next exams are in 2 weeks! Ah Scary!

The film was amazing. Especially in 3D! As I suspected, the story's a lot like Disney's Pocahontas lol. Its very pretty though. Amazing effects and all. Its a movie that shouldn't be missed on the big screen!!

EDIT: Reader Anita shared a hilarious text showing the many similarities between the stories Avatar and Pocahontas lol! Here it is! Thanks Anita for making me smile :)

Click on the link to enlarge! ♥

Have all of you seen it?? What did you think of the film?? ♥


  1. That is a gorgeous look, i have suave intentions and hypnotizing too.
    The colours are pretty.

  2. You are proof that you don't need to wear dark colors to really make your eyes pop! I like that you wore blue to match the Avatar people! How fun!

  3. Pretty ! I loved the film too :p

  4. @Kate Gene - Thanks! Although seeing these photos make me wish I used a darker shade for the crease area though lol xx

  5. i love love love the feline kohl pencil too!! it's sooo rich and pigmented :)

    avatar is amazing!! only movie that i sat through without falling asleep after the 1.5 hour mark (i have reaaaaally short attention span lol).

    never thought about it buuut it is like pocahontas lol youre awesome!


  6. So pretty!! I have the Hypnotizing e/s too and it's such a nice taupe colour :)

    I thought Avatar reminded me of Pocahontas too!! Apparently we're not the only ones.. check this out LOL http://i.imgur.com/JmRmb.jpg

  7. @Anita (*swtexcape*)- LOL!! OMGOSH! I just read the link.. its hilarious!! xx

  8. Beautiful look,i must try mac!Thanks for your comment too, I like the revlon quads the one in the pic shows up great, i just have been having problems with them crumbling easily :/ But for the price not bad at all.

  9. Love this blue look & that you matched it to Avatar. I've seen the movie and loved it, such beautiful scenery and the visual effects were amazing!! Good luck on your upcoming exams. :)

  10. I love this look! Blue hues are very popular nowadays due to Avatar! I enjoyed Avatar and it had my attention every second of the movie.

    I love your haul from the Love Lace collection but I am on a shopping ban so I am trying not to look at too many new collections.

  11. Mmm, I love your icy blue shades! It's beautiful!!

    And I've watched Avatar twice both in 3D and the normal cinema! I've never wanted to be a blue alien so badly:P

  12. Gorgeous! You really suit blues. I haven't seen Avatar yet, doesn't seem like it would be my cup of tea.

    The only thing I brought from Love Lace was Light Affair n/p. Those e/s do look lovely though x

  13. we all agree you look amazing in blue hues! AVATAR was a freaking awesome movie by the way :D lol blue is in!

  14. ooo i wanted lo1ve lace pretty color and look

  15. That is a beautiful color!

    And I love your edits on the Pochahontas story!

  16. Looking so pretty. Mac Plink looks like it could be yr MLBB :)
    I haven't got the chance to go watch Avatar but I sure will soon!

  17. You're all so sweet everyone! Thank you so much xx

    For those who haven't watched Avatar, you should soon before it leaves the cinemas!!x

    @tris1978ton- Lol, but those were not my edits, its from somewhere on the web lol xx

  18. So pretty! I love both Love Lace and Suave Intentions e/s! Feline is the best Khol Power Eye Pencil ever!! I have a backup of it and will order another one.

  19. wow you hauled tons from this collection! ^_^ I however I did not get any of the shadows, I have too many blue ones and the dark one reminded me of strike a pose from starflash which I bought and haven't used much of -___-" Cute look though! I like the BROWS especially :D


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