Lip Swatch: MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick

Thanks to the current MAC Warm and Cozy collection, I've been wearing this lipstick a lot! This lipstick is MAC Viva Glam VI. When I swatched MAC Spiced Tea lipstick at the store, I was immediately reminded of this lipstick, so I dug it out from my stash and I've been using it ever since. Its a very pretty colour, especially worn with bronze eye makeup. It has a smooth lustre finish - one of my favourites! ♥

And oh my, I'm so late on this but I just found out I was part of a post in Karen's Makeup and Beauty Blog here! I feel so happy lol. I love her blog and she is so funny! Definitely thinking of strawberries there~!! ♥ Thanks Karen!! x


  1. This is a gorgeous lipstick, i have to take a look at it at the counter.

  2. Oh wow, absolutely gorgeous lipstick, really flatering!!! I will definitely check it out.
    XOXO from Brazil :)

  3. nice i like !! xo mw

  4. that's a pretty color on you, the shine looks great as well. Congrats on being featured in Karen's blog! :)

  5. I love the picture of you thinking about a strawberry! How cute!

    I absolutely love this lip color. I usually wear nudes or pinks; this might be a good color for me to use to mix things up!


  6. Your lipstick is so lush! This is really pretty. :D

  7. that's such a pretty shade! i definitely have to check it out now! :-)

  8. haha lvoe the pic with the strawberry~

  9. I love the colour on your lips! And I also love the strawberry pic! So cute!

  10. beautiful shade. I love the second pic you've done - so sweet x

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