Feeling Dreamy is a limited edition lipglass from the MAC Warm and Cozy collection. Its a peachy nude with pretty pink sparkles. You can't quite see the sparkles in this swatch, but they're more apparent in the slightly blurrier one after the jump!

MAC Feeling Dreamy lipglass

What do you think? Did you pick this up? ♥


Lip Swatch: MAC Feeling Dreamy lipglass

Finally I get to post my haul and review! I know this is a bit late, but here's my loot from the MAC Warm and Cozy collection. Its probably one of the biggest launch hauls I've had so far, but no I did not buy these all in one go, rather its a cumulative haul! Read more for individual product reviews and swatches :) ♥

I got two shadesticks, Cuddle and Relaxed. Cuddle is a frosty gold, and I'm a sucker for anything gold! Relaxed is a frosty dark bronze colour. I got these two because they make really good eyeshadows and eyeshadow bases. They're so smooth to apply. I use these for a very quick look when I'm in a rush: Face powder, 1 stroke on each upper lash line, and smack on lipstick/lipgloss and I'm ready!

I got two eyeshadows, Modelette and Mulled Cider. I admit I purchased Modelette largely just because of the name. When its swatched, I found that its a lot like my skin tone, just with a sheen. Not sparkle. A sheen, as you can see on the swatch. Not particularly a must-have. But meh. Mulled Cider is a medium brown on the reddish side. I thought this might be a good crease colour so I'll have something to alternate Cork with! Which is also on the yellower side.

I thought I could skip the lip products, but when I was at the store, I thought 'why not try them anyway'. I put on Siss lipstick and I was gobsmacked! I think its the best nude lipstick I've ever tried! It does not give me concealer lips like Fleshpot. It has yellow undertones, which go well with my oriental skin. I love its creamy opaque satin finish too. However its in the permanent line, so no need to rush to get this. --EDIT: I have been told Siss is being discontinued!! Grab one tube when you can!!♥-- But I couldn't stop looking at my lips in the mirror lol, I couldn't wait and just had to have it! I initially didn't fancy any of the lip glosses, and I should have learned from finding Siss! So I swatched the lipglosses anyway, and I fell in love with Feeling Dreamy. Its a nude gloss with very fine and pretty pink sparkles! I couldn't stop staring at the swatch on my arm, and when I put it on top of Siss, it was beautiful. Since its also a nude colour, Feeling Dreamy is easy to wear everyday. And I have been wearing it everyday! ♥

Well that's my review. Here are the swatches!

Cuddle, Relaxed, Modelette, Mulled Cider, Siss, Feeling Dreamy

I have two more items that a friend has purchased for me but I will have to wait until the exams are over before I can take them from her. ♥

I really liked this collection (as you can probably tell) because of how wearable all of these products are. They are great every day shades. Although the colours might not seem unique (eg eyeshadows), I think I'll get a lot of use from these. ♥

I hope this was useful! Were you able to check this collection out? What's the one product you felt was a must-have from the MAC Warm and Cozy collection?? ♥


MAC Warm & Cozy Collection Haul, Review & Swatches

I've been lemming for the MAC 188 brush for ages! But its quite expensive that's why I haven't purchased it... and so it was such a big surprise that my bf ordered it for me from maccosmetics.co.uk over the weekend!

The MAC 188 brush is a small duo fibre brush - ie. white and black fibres. Its supersoft! Its small enough to highlight the cheekbones, and it can also be used to apply blush - which is what I'm going to use it for! At the moment I use Jemma Kidd's foundation/stippling brush, but it needs a break too. At least now I have two blush brushes, one I can use for sparkly blushes and one for mattes, or one for pinks and one for peaches, one to use when the other one's just been washed ~ endless possibilities lol. Its great to have a backup brush! ♥

As I said, it is pretty small. Here it is compared to my dirty So Ceylon MSF/Refined Golden bronzer-ed Jemma Kidd brush. I didn't clean it purposely so you can tell which one is which! But its clean now lol

MAC 188, Jemma Kidd Foundation Brush

I'm soo happy to finally have this! My bf is so sweet. I found out he even memorised my wish list! He knew this had been on my list for a while so he finally got it for me ~ This counts as my second Christmas present from him, the first one being the cheese basket he sent to the Philippines! He thinks he spoils me too much, and I think so too lol. I'm so lucky to have him~ !! ♥♥♥

Do you have this brush? What do you mainly use it for?? ♥

I also have a special edition version of the MAC 187 from the Red She Said collection, but I found that its too big to use on my cheeks... Any ideas what I can do with it? ♥


A Late Christmas Present: MAC 188 Brush

This is MAC Powerhouse lipstick. It's one of my first ever MAC lipsticks, and sadly its been discontinued. It has a creamy and opaque amplified cream finish. ♥

Lip Swatch: MAC Powerhouse Lipstick

I got bored from revision so I randomly smacked this hot red lipstick on. It's called MAC Powerhouse, and it instantly made me feel like rockstar lol! Felt so good that I was re-energized to revise again haha xx Enjoy!

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
MAC Nightsky eyeliner
L'oreal Mascara Primer
Maybelline Mascara

MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
MAC MSFN in Medium Plus & Medium Dark
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer (as blush)

MAC Powerhouse lipstick

I also heard this used to be one of Christina Aguilera's favourite lipsticks!

What do you think?? ♥


LOOK: Hot Red lips with MAC Powerhouse

Thanks to the current MAC Warm and Cozy collection, I've been wearing this lipstick a lot! This lipstick is MAC Viva Glam VI. When I swatched MAC Spiced Tea lipstick at the store, I was immediately reminded of this lipstick, so I dug it out from my stash and I've been using it ever since. Its a very pretty colour, especially worn with bronze eye makeup. It has a smooth lustre finish - one of my favourites! ♥

And oh my, I'm so late on this but I just found out I was part of a post in Karen's Makeup and Beauty Blog here! I feel so happy lol. I love her blog and she is so funny! Definitely thinking of strawberries there~!! ♥ Thanks Karen!! x


Lip Swatch: MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick

I admit, ever since I've gotten into MAC, I've been a bit of a makeup snob. I stopped buying drugstore makeup (well except some lip liners and Sleek eyeshadows, and a few Rimmel lipsticks), although I do frequent going into Superdrug and Boots to swatch things, but everything just seemed a lot cheaper in price AND quality compared to MAC makeup, that they just weren't worth buying! However when I went to Superdrug after my exams last Friday, I found a few new stuff from Maybelline that they had a 3 for 2 offer on. Its the new mono eyeshadows and eye kohl. Curious, I swatched them - and I was amazed! I just had to buy a few! Keep reading for my haul and some reviews!

Maybelline Sparkling Gold

Maybelline Iced Fudged

The mono eyeshadows are so soft. They had some that had shimmer - from drugstore swatching, they just felt like veluxe pearls! And very few were matte finishes - I don't recall the name of that particular brown eyeshadow, but it swatched and felt so soft and smooth, like a matte2! I got so excited and chose 2 eyeshadows: Maybelline Sparkling Gold and Maybelline Iced Fudged. Sparkling Gold is a medium toned gold colour. Iced Fudged is a brownish taupe colour. I thought it would be similar to MAC Hypnotizing based on its appearance, but it swatches differently as you can see in the swatches later on.

Maybelline Brown Gleam

I saw that the Maybelline Kohl Express eye pencils were part of the offer, and a lot of them were sold out. I took out the testers and swatched them, and oh my gosh they're so soft and pigmented! They remind me of the Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencils, but they stay on longer! The Urban Decay pencils smudge so much on me because of my oily lids, while these dry and don't budge. They claim to be waterproof too. My Superdrug only had Brown Gleam left, which was the beautiful bronze one, and that's what I took! I'd love to get a black one, and a few other funky colours. They are amazing!

Here are swatches:

MAC Hypnotizing, Maybelline Iced Fudged, Maybelline Sparkling Gold, Maybelline Brown Gleam, Urban Decay Bourbon

I hope this post was useful. But seriously, I am amazed with these products! You better check them out! ♥


A Little Drugstore Haul

I hauled from the tiny MAC Love Lace collection. I really thought they had beautiful eyeshadows, easy to wear for everyday on the lids. After my test last Friday, my bf and I watched Avatar, and I decided to use the blue eyeshadows I bought from MAC's Love Lace collection for my look~! Enjoy ♥

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot (matte nude, all over lid as base)
MAC eyeshadows in Seedy Pearl (white-pink duochrome, highlight), Love Lace (muted denim blue, crease) & Suave Intentions (icy blue, lid)
MAC Mystery eye kohl (dark blue, upper & lower lash lines)
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara with Serum Inside Primer
Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara
MAC Spiked brow pencil

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NW20 (undereyes) & NC30 (spots)
MAC MSFN in Medium Plus & Medium Dark
MAC Moon River blush (cheeks)

MAC Plink! lipstick

I hope you enjoyed this look! What do you think? ♥

Now onto my haul from Love Lace!!

I got Love Lace and Suave Intentions eyeshadows as mentioned in my look. They're both veluxe pearl finishes, so they're so soft and pigmented. I love them. I also bought Hypnotizing, a taupe eyeshadow with a hint of purple. It looks very similar to Illegal Cargo eyeshadow which I have from Naughty Nauticals. But its very pretty. As mentioned earlier too, all these eyeshadows are very wearable for day to day. I also bought myself Feline eye kohl, the most intense black eye pencil ever! For those of you who have been following my 'looks' before, this is not a back-up.lol. I gave my original pencil to my sister because she really wanted it, and just decided to get myself another one. Here are swatches!

Did you pick up anything from this collection? ♥

My bf and I were so happy to finally watch Avatar. We've been looking forward to it, but the tickets were always sold out as early as 2 hours before the film! Its crazy. So he booked the tickets in advance for us, and its a pleasant treat post-exam too last Friday. My next exams are in 2 weeks! Ah Scary!

The film was amazing. Especially in 3D! As I suspected, the story's a lot like Disney's Pocahontas lol. Its very pretty though. Amazing effects and all. Its a movie that shouldn't be missed on the big screen!!

EDIT: Reader Anita shared a hilarious text showing the many similarities between the stories Avatar and Pocahontas lol! Here it is! Thanks Anita for making me smile :)

Click on the link to enlarge! ♥

Have all of you seen it?? What did you think of the film?? ♥


LOOK & HAUL: Blues with MAC Love Lace

I'm so excited to share with you all my first ever Bobbi Brown product! It's the lip crayon in Posey. I got it new from one of my friends who was trying to get rid of it, and she sold it for almost a quarter of the UK retail price, so I decided why not take it! And I have no regrets. Its gorgeous!! Probably one of the best lip products I've ever tried!

Posey is a bright peachy pink. It reminds me of MAC's Lovelorn lipstick, only slightly peachier. The finish is glossy and opaque.

This Bobbi Brown lip crayon is beyond creamy. It glides so well on the lips, leaving rich colour and a very slight menthol sensation. It gives you long-lasting lip colour.

Each lip crayon works well as a lip liner, as well as a lipstick, and the unique jumbo-size makes it easy to apply all over the lips. Worried about sharpening it? It comes with its own customised pencil sharpener. And because its so creamy, KarlaSugar recommends turning the sharpener instead of the lip crayon when sharpening!

These Bobbi Brown lip crayons are truly amazing products. In my opinion, they are much better quality than the lip products from MAC, however they're also a lot more expensive, which is why I never ventured into their line till now when I got the opportunity to try them for a cheaper price! These lip pencils only come in 6 colours though, but I still urge you to go to your nearest Bobbi Brown counter and check them out. ♥

Have any of you tried these?? ♥♥

PS. I'm desperate to get my hands on MAC Merrily blush. If you no longer want or use yours, please let me know, and I'll be willing take it from you, if you're selling it for a reasonable price that is~! E-bay prices are ridiculous! ♥ Thank you xx


Lip Swatch: Bobbi Brown Lip Crayon in Posey

Hi everyone! This is my very simple 5-minute face. I wore it on the first day back to uni. Very simple, yet understated! People kept commenting on how nice my eyes looked, and I think its the subtle shimmer I put on my eyelids. Well, keep reading to see what I used!

I also thought of a new storage option for my necklaces! I used to have so many before, but I just selected a few special pieces and the rest I gave away. Keep reading for that at the end of the post too!

MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus & Medium Dark
MAC Pearl cream colour base - highlight
MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NW20 (undereyes) and NC30 (spots)

MAC Bare Study paint pot (shimmery champagne, on lid)
Urban Decay Bourbon liner (upper lash line)
L'oreal Double Extension Mascara with Serum Inside Primer
Maybelline Collosal Volume mascara
MAC Spiked brow pencil

Cherry chapstick! ♥

I just realised this was my first post with my new hair! Well its just an updated version of my old one. I love how big and curly it is lol. What do you think? ♥

This necklace was given to me by one of my mom's Dermatologists-in-training. I love her so much! She's the big sister I've always wanted lol. It's from Accessorize in the Philippines. ♥

~ ~ And what do a few thumbtacks + a notice board make? A necklace display board!

I bought these ladybug tacks in one of the stationery shops in Davao City (National Book Store), and they look so cute! But of course you can use any. Just push them in, but not fully, leaving a bit of the metal for you to hang your chain on. I used one tack for the finer chained necklaces, and for this chunky one I used two. Now I love how I can see all my necklaces, and be able to grab them on-the-go! ♥

I hope you enjoyed my look and this jewelry storage idea!

What do you think?? ♥


LOOK: Simple Back to School Look, New Hair, and Jewelry Storage/Display Option!

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