Sleek Lip Liners

I wanted to get lip liners to match my dark lipsticks from, the drugstore, and I walked away with these two lip liners from Sleek Cosmetics. I bought shades in Ruby and Burgundy. Keep reading for my short review~! xx

It's annoying how most drugstores don't have testers out for some cosmetics. I thought to try out these lip liners from Sleek, thinking they would have the same quality as their amazing eyeshadows. But I was wrong, the quality's just so-so. Not that amazing. They are not as soft as the Rimmel ones, and take a few swipes to really show up. I guess heating them up with a blowdrier could help melt a bit to glide easily, but I just regret not buying the Rimmel ones instead since I already knew the quality of their lip liners. I'm not saying that these are terrible, but they are inferior to the ones by Rimmel. They still work though. But anyway~ here are swatches~~

What is your favourite drug store brand of lip liners? ♥


  1. aww... but they look so sleeek! lol :) I'm not really into lipliners though and it's sad to say. I'm thinking of investing in MAC ones but I'm not sure if the quality is good or not. I know you have some, what do you think? I mean, money isn't really a factor for me but if they suck I just feel super bad because they have to throw it away :(

  2. @lindah- Lol, you're punny :) haha. Uhm.. I only have a few lip liners from MAC, and I think they're really good. Smooth + great pigmentation. However I feel that the quality's just similar to the Rimmel ones? But the only downside with Rimmel is that they only have a very limited selection of shades. I still feel that MAC lip liners are worth the investment though, but only get the ones that you think you'll be using often, eg. neutrals in my case xx

  3. i love lippies! m gona check em out soon


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